Saturday, December 01, 2007

Things I love right now:

Health by Chocolate by Victoria Laine
A local nutritionist who, besides being a yoga teacher and a lovely person, is passionate about chocolate, and it's health and wellness benefits. Mmmmmmmmm. Check out the link for sample recipes. (I attended a tasting last night and the results are delicious!)

Exploring this blog: Wonderful and sometimes strange, but never boring. What a warren of rabbit trails to follow.

This recipe; on oats, with a side of yogurt, for breakfast. Don't laugh! In fact, I love Molly and Brandon and get simple pleasure from following their gastronomically romantic life. So sue me. But do try some of her recipes first. You will thank me.

Maker Faire. The magazine, the videos, the concept, the possibilities, the danger...("every thing's funny till somebody looses an eye!") I love the thought of a trip to San Fransisco in May to attend the real deal!

The fact that Nialle is recovering well, (and writing about the whole thing). The weightless feeling of knowing the worst is over. Do you ever stop and just consider the wonderful feeling of literally experiencing answered prayer? I do.

The Canadian medical system. Wow.

The Lyceum. A community building project in action, with all the headaches and growing pains and joy that entails. It's inviting and inspiring and challenging. No links, but here are a couple of photos of the physical space:


Kathleen said...

Mmmm...I'll second the chocolate book and the medical system. I'm so grateful we do not have to go into debt when we need emergency medical care!

And that breakfast recipe looks...well...weird. I did laugh when I read the first paragraph ;). Stewed prunes, er, "dried plums" are a very popular breakfast item at the senior's lodge, though! And okay, the recipe does look tasty. I think I might try it, maybe with figs first, though (we have lots at the moment!). I think my family has a new breakfast coming up!

Karyn/Mom said...

What, exactly is the Lyceum? I know you've spoken of it in conversation, but I don't think I've ever humbled myself to ask what it is, exactly. I do know that it has something to do with TJED.
And since I so value your opinion on all things to do with cooking, I would never sue you for passing on a recipie for stewed prunes. As a matter of fact, my Norweigen heritage has passed on to me a recipe for "fruit soup" which is much the same - mainly prunes, but other dried fruits thrown in. Yummy.

arlene said...

"Fruit Soup". That is so much mored dignified than stewed prunes. Mmmmm. That would be a very trendy breakfast item at a cozy B&B.

Kathleen, your Mom talks about your breakfasts, and we all listen and comment in hushed tones. It is such a wonderful thing to do for your family.
But hey, I don't think oatmeal, dried fruit and yogurt are weird! You should see some of my breakfasts! (Picture an avocado half with lemon juice and chile powder sprinkled on top of the halves. Weird but yummy and very nutritious!)