Saturday, April 03, 2010

Attitude of Graditude

My list of things to be grateful for is too long to recount, but I can mindfully focus on a few.

Good Friday, all it's symbols and new beginnings and growth.

Being a grandma to two, (soon to be three) beautiful, happy children. Today as Ada got out of the car when the family arrived for dinner, she ran straight to me with her arms out and wrapped them tight around me, and shouted "Hi Grandma!" It was the warmest feeling in the world.
Watching her constant surprise at finding chocolate eggs scattered (not too hidden) around our yard was priceless. Liam ran circles around her, but kept gathering chocolate and delivering it to his sister with a happy "Here Ada!" instead of hoarding it. She decided quite soon it was time for a snack and carefully arranged a spot on the sidewalk to "sitdown" and peel the foil off a little egg and eat it. When she'd had a nibble she got up and continued with Grandpa's finger in her little hand, tip-toeing around the yard until she spotted a bright egg, then yelling "Mine!" as she hurried over to add it to her bag. Such simple things can bring so much joy (to me)!

A good workout this morning, all by myself at the gym. Kicked it up several notches on the leg press after a good 5 mile bike warm up. Did bench press on my own for the first time and did great. It feels so good to enjoy the effort.

Having Liam, with a little tummy ache, ask me to just rub it for him. He settled onto my knee and just relaxed into me for a little massage and cuddle and some sympathy. It was a moment when I knew I was trusted to know what to do. Sweet little Liam.

Having my neighbours not freak out tonight. They started partying early in the day, and here at midnight it was getting out of control, yelling and screaming (though thankfully no fighting tonight). I finally decided I was going to be proactive instead of sitting and seething so I went to the back door and shouted over "Hey guys, can you keep it down?" Immediately two of them shouted back politely, "Sorry" and "Yes, sorry about that" and it's been quiet the last 40 minutes. Silent. Nothing at all. Amazing!

Road trip planning. My favorite thing to do when about to go on a trip is to find out everything I can on the internet, and in books, about the area we are going to visit. I knew there must be a thousand things to do in Vegas for families who are not into gambling or partying, and it has been fun searching them out. We are determined to see a few shows, and not pay full price for any. There are lots of amazing canyons to explore, and great architecture to oogle. Not to mention the food...(OK, I'll go ahead and mention it. Buffet's and hundreds of restaurants and Trader Joe's!) There are date farms in the area, and lots of Native American history. And shopping. Can't wait to leave!

Challenges. I'm glad I have a challenge that I am engaged in. I haven't taken my health seriously for so very long, and now, with some questions there, I have finally realized the world will not stop if I take time for me, and there is really nothing more important. Also, if I wait till things are perfect to focus on this, I'll be too far gone to get healthy. Little steps are a great start to a long journey, as corny and cliche' as that is.

And the biggest thing I am grateful for this week is that my family is close enough to one another to put aside their own busy lives and sacrifice for one another. Matthew, and Cheryl, Holly, my Mom, my nieces, my sister in law., even my family of friends who don't know him...everyone has gone out of their way to reach out and help Michael as he faces this disease with everything he can gather within himself. He is surrounded and loved and cared for and watched over. Cheryl's bone marrow has been harvested to provide him with the strength he needs to recover. I am so proud, and so grateful, and so thankful.
Faith, hope and love are working in his life, but the greatest of these is love. Seeing him recognize this happening is beautiful.