Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Valentine Swap

The Valentine swap I am in is so much fun! From the moment I got an invitation to join from Lelainia, I've been plotting what to make, how to put it together, how to wrap it.

Well, that part is all behind me. I mailed all the gifts off today. And now...on top of the fun of planning and executing MY gifts, I get to sit back and wait for all the gifts from the other artists to arrive. The anticipation is delicious!
Then, starting February 1st, I will open one gift per day, and end on Valentines day opening two gifts.

It's a big JOY to me to be included in this swap. Dawn has done some other swaps with these artists, and they are so gifted. I hope I can bring some little joy to their day on February 5th with my gift.

Ah, Valentines Day is indeed good for the heart!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007


I keep making things and forgetting to take photos of them before I give them away!! I made a really cool grunge-y envelope book for my niece for Christmas, and I made a hand bound book for my sister... and a charm for Dawn that I forgot about till I saw it on her charm bracelet yesterday. * I made ornaments from old family photos for all my family members for Christmas.
Do you see photos of these projects here? No!
Why not?
Is it because I don't have a camera? No....but I tend to have a favorite subject (named Liam) and I tend to forget all other subjects.

But who could blame me?? Isn't he just too cute?? Those cheeks make me just want to kiss them! If it weren't so snowy here I'd just hop in the van and drive out to their house for a snuggle. He is just learning to sit up on his own. (he's SO smart!) LOL


I know it's pathetic, but I bet all the grandmas out there can relate.

(Nessa took this picture, but I'm stickin' by my excuse!)

* I was not a part of this swap, but I feel honoured to add a charm to amazing bracelet from all these talented artists.

Monday, January 08, 2007


This is little Taffy the Miniature Lop. He is too cute! We acquired him from a family nearby. We don't intend to keep him permanently, just till our friends from up north come down at the end of the month to take him home to add to their huge menagerie.

But he IS so lovable and cuddly and funny. Much nicer than the usual bunnies around here (the ones under the beds and sofas, if you get my drift).

Oh, don't worry Mikayla, I promise not to keep him!

Sweet n' juicy

Mmmmmm! My father-in-law brought us a huge bag of apples from his friends orchard in Creston. They are almost too pretty to eat, and make my kitchen smell heavenly. I have big plans for them. Apple sauce and apple-crisp and apple muffins. And of course, one a day to eat our of hand. Delightful!

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Three Beautiful Things

1. Liam, sleepy and slow and cuddly in my arms today. Cute as a button. NOW I know what that means.

2. On the way into McDonald's today to meet Jeanette, Daniel and I had to go back to the van to grab something so the boys went ahead. A family met us as we walked across the parking lot and the Mom stopped us and asked "Are those your two boys?" I said yes, and she smiled and said "They are such gentlemen. They held both doors for our family".

3. Josh's 13th birthday and all he wanted to do was go see "Eragon" with his family. He was more than happy with the simple gifts he got, and then with a visit to the second hand bookstore and the new box of pencils from The Paint Spot before the movie. Life is rich.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Sad Truths; Lost Opportunity

There's nothing sadder than realizing their are windows of influence into our children's lives, and if those windows are missed, it the opportunity to make a difference slips by unnoticed,(..."like old, unwanted memories...") then we may have lost forever the way into that room of their heart. That particular shaft of sunlight may never illuminate the Childs soul. Darkness may remain in that little recess of his being. Then we face regretting forever our procrastination, the business of life that kept us focused on the mundane rather than the eternal.

I feel this way today. Regretful over something I thought I had all the time in the world for. How could I not have realized? This meant so much to me, yet I failed to pass the torch. Is it really too late?

The missed JOY in question here is the soulful, mellow, comforting music of James Taylor. I have a new DVD. James Taylor Live at the Beacon Theater. I love it. It makes me sing. Literally. In front of my children's friends. While on the treadmill. It's. That. Good.

And afterwards, in that glow zone that happens after a particularly spiritual experience, as I may have... ahem, verbally gushed just a little teeny bit, Josh, who will be 13 in two short days, said, (and I am still reeling!) "Ya, he has a good voice, but he's not my thing. I don't really like his style".

How could I have let this happen? How did I not see this coming? Why???!

James Taylor has been probably my all time favorite artist since I was not too much older than Josh. Well, OK, I was 16, it was 1977 and I was making my first purchase from Columbia Records, the mail in record club. Buy 3 albums (that would be uh, vinyl...LP's) over the course of the next two years and get 12 FREE selections. Wow! I still can't believe the magic of that offer.
My purchases till this time had been mostly of the K-Tel variety. Juke Box Jive, and Music Machine. Anyone else remember those? Where else could you get Elton John, Kenny Rogers, and Marvin Gaye all on the same disc? The "20 Original Hits" list on each of these amazing albums sounds like kind of a schizo iPod play list of somebody's Grandma. (Uh, that would be,
But I digress. So back to summer of '77, all my friends are listening to heavy metal or hard rock and I am perusing the Columbia Records mail out ad, because finally, it is within my grasp to be cool. All I have to do is lick 12 of these nasty tasting little stamps, stick them on the enclosed application form, in the proper little pre-measured squares, slap a stamp on it, wait 4 to 6 weeks and BLAM!...just like that, baby, I'm cool!
But what to pick?? How cool can I be if I don't even recognize most of the bands? Oh no! I'll forever be stuck in the endless spinning of my little portable record player (no, I didn't have a "turn table" like my big brothers cool friends) listening to great selections like Marilyn McCoo & Billy Davis Jr's "You Don't Have to be a Star Baby (To Be In My Show)". No offense guys, wonderful human beings? Sure. Cool? Uh...No.

But then it happened. I found one that I was sure would elevate my cool quotient. "JT" Wow! Jethro Tull! Now that would be cool! This was happenin'! Lick. Stick. Slap. Wait; wait; wait.....wait. Nothing like 70's technology.
It arrived. JT. James Taylor?? Who?
I gave it a spin. His rich, intimate voice drew me in, and has had powers to soothe and connect with me to this day.

But somehow along the way, when it was most important, when those little musical taste cells were multiplying like cookie crumbs on the carpet, I missed planting this amazing, glorious seed into the little garden of my Middle Child's brain. Or opening that window and letting in that brilliant shaft of light to flood over his spirit, or....* insert your own metaphor here*.
I refuse to give in to despair though. I firmly believe there is always hope. As I checked out James' (you don't mind if I call him that, do you?) new album my 11 year old just walked in and said, "Oh, he has a very professional website".
"All we need is "A Little More Time With You", James. .... la la, la la....Sorry Jethro.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

HaPpy NeW YeAR!

There are so many things I want this year. I want to "become". I want to "be", and to experience joy in that, rather than be judged for what I "do".

What do you want for 2007? More stuff? More accolades? More toys? I don't think those things are really too important on your list either. Have you made a list? Care to share it here? I'd love to read your top 10 hopes for the next chapter in your life.

Here are10 (or so) of mine:

I want to not worry...about a few things that have been unsettled since about June...things I have no control over, that affect my family, friends and community of faith. I want to deal with it and let it go.

I want to not feel pressured to keep secrets to cover other's hurtful actions and questionable decisions. If I wouldn't do it myself, why should I cover for someone who feels it's justifiable, but who insists that others who are effected should not know about it.

I want to continue to put my wonderful husband first on my calendar. He literally lays down his life for us each and every day, and does it with a humble, happy attitude, so when he comes home from working a 12 hour shift, I will be here for him as often as I can. Most things that need doing can be done in the daytime while he's working. If others think that he demands it, or expects me to have no life, I'll tell them to give their head a shake (in a nice Christian way LOL). I love honouring him, he adores spending time with me, and I with him.

I don't want to ask more than my son and daughter-in-law can give. They are busy, giving, unselfish and wonderful. They have a life to build, and a little boy to raise up, and I want to enjoy watching them do it, and help out when I am asked.

I want to feel healthy, and to be able to keep up to my kids and my grandson. I don't want to put on any more weight, but I don't want to obsess about my weight.

I want to base my education on my own passions, interests and my unique mission.

I want to Carpe all my Diems!! I want to spend my life, not hoard it as if waiting for it to magically increase in power and importance. If I don't enjoy today, there is no opportunity to take back the time.

I want to sit by the lake and watch dragonflies race in the sunlight, to hear the loons and coyotes call when daylight fades. I want to smell the rain coming from the west, and hear the aspens shake their leaves as the storm rolls in. I want to be amazed again at the fireflies, and feel my heart race at the energy unleashed by an electrical storm as I lie, dry and warm with Daniel, in the tent.
I want to taste the best meal in the world; fresh caught fish cooked on my Dad's camp stove and served sizzling hot from my Mom's covered enamel dish.
I want to travel back in time, down the roads of my childhood to that little lake known only to my family, to stand on the dock and see that God is good.

I want to experience the miraculous, each and every time I open my heart and soul.

I want to be a friend, meet needs, make a difference. I want to Love.

My hope is that you will
seek what you truly need, and find what you truly want.