Wednesday, January 10, 2007


I keep making things and forgetting to take photos of them before I give them away!! I made a really cool grunge-y envelope book for my niece for Christmas, and I made a hand bound book for my sister... and a charm for Dawn that I forgot about till I saw it on her charm bracelet yesterday. * I made ornaments from old family photos for all my family members for Christmas.
Do you see photos of these projects here? No!
Why not?
Is it because I don't have a camera? No....but I tend to have a favorite subject (named Liam) and I tend to forget all other subjects.

But who could blame me?? Isn't he just too cute?? Those cheeks make me just want to kiss them! If it weren't so snowy here I'd just hop in the van and drive out to their house for a snuggle. He is just learning to sit up on his own. (he's SO smart!) LOL


I know it's pathetic, but I bet all the grandmas out there can relate.

(Nessa took this picture, but I'm stickin' by my excuse!)

* I was not a part of this swap, but I feel honoured to add a charm to amazing bracelet from all these talented artists.

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Karyn/Mom said...

Oh man, he's getting SO big! (cute, too, but that goes without saying) I'm heading up to GP for the next week, but when I get back, we'll have to make a date to meet at Nessa's house so I can see the little man - and have a visit with you and Ness as well. :) Did you need an excuse to go visit?