Tuesday, June 06, 2006

This IS art!

Well, summer is here and I have been doing the outdoor art...AKA gardening and puttering rather than sitting in my basement studio...(which is back to being a MESS. Who wants to look at that?!).
It's peaceful and good for the soul to be out with the birds and the butterflys.
I favour a natural, woodsy look, which is fortunate because I have a lot of shade in the back of my lot, and formal plantings don't do so well.
Here's a peek...get a glass of iced tea, slip in a sprig of lemon balm, and enjoy.

June is my favorite month.

Not just because it's the month of the longest day of the entire year, which just happens to be my birthday!!! (My mom tells me there were MANY days AFTER my birth that were PLENTY long. What can I say? I am a child of the sixties!

It's a magical month full of the promise of summer without the sweltering heat, and you know, anything can happen on a beautiful June night! With only 2 or 3 hours of darkness, it's paradise!
Just ask the boys who stayed out in the tent in the backyard the other night with no flashlight! Sleep? What sleep?

"I think that I shall never see...

a poem lovely as a tree." It's a bit of a poem from my Mom's childhood that she liked to quote on occasions such as these. Don't know where it's from. Tennyson perhaps? Anyone know?

My son Josh likes to sit in the branches WAY up there. I considered getting him to climb up so I could capture it for all time, but considering he just got his cast off today from the last extreme photo shoot I thought perhaps he should keep both feet on terra firma. I wish I could sit up there and read!!

Summer Art