Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Serious Journaling

We're off to Mexico in the morning. 11 of my closest relatives...just a drop in the gene pool really for this family. My nieces and I had to make a trip to Dollarama (Oh YA!!) for journals. Then we came home to collage and get them ready for the big trip...flying to LA, then road tripping it to Loreto. Now, is it too late to learn to speak some Spanish?

Monday, March 20, 2006

What I Collect...

I keep them in jars and vases all over the house. I'm addicted.
But I almost lost all mine trying to upload pics to my blog over the weekend. It would not do anything for me! Argggh! I have a problem with technology. I spent the weekend being snowed in...and reading, and playing with my new camera. It was kind of nice.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

The journal entry

All thought is formed first in words. If we loose the capacity to use words plainly and specifically, we will lose our capacity to think clearly and logically. To improve our thinking we must measure our words and expand our vocabulary. If we communicate by grunting our displeasure or only clapping our hands in joy and appreciation, we lose ourselves and regress. If we choose only the visual media to express or receive our understanding of reality, we operate primarily in the sphere of our emotions and the senses, not the inner world of deep thought. We need to open our minds to great classics and open our ears to truly great oratory. Sophisticated patterns of reliably correct grammar and wonderfully expressive patterns of words in great literature will increase our ability to think and make proper sense of our confusing world. There is more to be grasped in the universe than what we are comfortable with. We need words to think about, examine, express and ultimately, to understand it. Only then can we improve it.

Words as Art

I love Words...both the regular written and the well spoken, and the look of print...different fonts, scripts, letter styles. The sheer number and variety of fonts, and individual styles of handwriting that are so easily recognizable amazes me. How does our brain process all the subtle differences?

So yes, Words fascinate me on that level, but also the power and beauty of words takes my breath away. I am working on an Altered Book along this thread. I did a bit of journaling along this line today. I have prepared the background pages and need to meld the two together, and I plan to do it in my own hand. I have always hated my handwriting, so this is a real stretch for me. But I feel this is how I need to become more free in my own skin.
I'll post the finished product later.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

HRH the Creative Eccentric One

Here's Dawn today at her house with a spread she did in a Calendar RR she is in. This theme was "Asian-Victorian" and was it beautiful! I loved handling it and watching Dawn do her ART-thang on the March pages.
She kept yelling at me to be quiet though (OK, so maybe I hum while I work...kind of like Pooh..."the more it snows, tiddly pum...")
...she kept hollering something about "genius at work!!" What's that about? LOL

Playing at Dawn's House

Phap boy and I went to Dawn's, castle today to do Art. Fun day. I got so excited I got my glue stick and my lip balm mixed up. I hate it when that happens!

Page Josh did for Dawn

Isn't this a great page??! HRH the CEO (Creative Eccentric One) should be pleased. And we all want that don't we? I think Josh (Phapboy) did a wonderful job. And he didn't procrastinate! Wow!

Page in Friendship RR Book

Collaged page for friend

Monday, March 06, 2006

What a Day!!

Ok, today is a RED LETTER DAY, which is why I’m using red letters. I cleaned my studio this weekend. So I guess that makes it a RED LETTER WEEKEND. Oooooh…that sounds far more imposing…kind of like a wedding or something, where you have to write a whole lot of thank you cards afterwards, and pay caterers. Or am I confusing RED LETTER with BLACK TIE??
Whatever, if you saw my studio any time in the last few months you’d know this is a REALLY BIG DEAL, so big a deal in fact that it would justify using annoying caps while typing and risk alienating my ENTIRE viewing audience (Hi you two!!).
I know, I know, you’re thinking, how bad could it be? You say, “I’ve seen messy studios before!” But just so you understand how momentous an occasion this really is, I will post before and after pics.


(Rats, there goes half of my viewing public! Are YOU still with me Dawn, buddy?)


Here is the before shot:

See! Don’t say you weren’t warned! No one said life in the Art lane was pretty!

And here is the “After” shot:

Wow…doesn’t it make the world seem a kinder, gentler place? Is that twittering birds I here? And isn’t that the aroma of Mom’s apple pie? Who knew there was a TABLE in there??!! Life is good. Now I must go to the craft store…I can’t find a dang thing in here!!

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Zetti Girl on the Beach

Wow! Zetti Girl is playing volleyball on the beach with her friends. It's too cold to play outside here...lucky Zetti Girl!

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Time Travel To Someday collage

This is an 8x10 collage
I did on canvas.
I like the colors.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Tip-in for a friends Deco "Weight Wars"

Abyss of Longing Posted by Picasa

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It's a Winter(?) Wonderland

It's March 1st today...isn't it supposed to be spring?

Here's the view from my front step.

Learning curve.

Ouch...I have a hard time with technology. The climb is steep, and I feel light-headed from lack of oxygen...I think I'd better go lie down and have some chocolate. Yes! Definitely chocolate! That will do it. But NOOOO! Here comes my buddy Dawn, Sovereign over all Pointy Hats, poking at me with her scepter, threatening to give the "Off With Her Head" command unless I trudge onward and upward and complete this blog thing! Dang! I really could have used that chocolate!But, surprise! HRH knew of that which she spoketh! The upload worked and I'm off like a herd of deep snow...wearing mittens and mukluks...up hill.So prepare to be amazed and astounded. Now I'm off to find something very dark and rich.

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