Monday, May 01, 2006

Joel's work

Here are the ones done by Joel. The first one was done after I handed him a blank, and before he had even looked at another ATC. Wow! I beleive the (loose) translation is "There is nothing in the hand of God that can not be understood by a child". I'm sure Joel will correct me if I am wrong...LOL
The second was made from a playing card he has carried in his wallet for over three years...waiting for an opportunity to create something fine from it...

My boy's ATC's

"My boys" are Matt, Ian and Joel, three young men from Masters Commission who stayed with us this past week. While they did infect our family with their enthusiasm and great humour, I think they in turn were infected with the ATC virus. Hopefully they will take it back with them to Chilliwack BC, and spread it far and wide.
These first three cards are done by Matt, who said he didn't think he had a creative bone in his body. I beg to differ!