Friday, March 07, 2008

Exceptions to Home Education

Sometimes, the conveyor belt is just a better idea all around......

“I just want to say that I'm against home schooling in the following areas: med school, dental school, firefighting certification, pilot training, and military stuff like artillery and tank qualification. Call me old fashioned, but I just think that official, regimented, certified programs with the proper teaching facilities are the way to go in those cases. Also, I'm NEVER going back to that homeschooled dentist again. He was horrible.”


Thursday, March 06, 2008

Amazing and Wonderful

Beautiful objects and brilliant design...what could be better?

Remember how Buckminster Fuller designed geodesic domes with a dream that all mankind could have affordable, easily constructed homes? (He's one of my favorite all time heros).

These designs are like that...only different. They are for shoes, bags, chairs...things we all use everyday and don't give a second thought.
Well, this company asked how they could design things with zero waste(at least I think that's what they asked..most of their site is in French).
The results are mind blowing. And beautiful. And textural (come on! water cut felt shoes that come flat and you fold them up yourself???!)

IKEA was one of the first companies to do this in this part of the world, with their flat packing ideas. And Kindersurprise. (I always marvel at the cleverness of their tiny toy designs).

It gives me hope for the future of our planet to think that artists and designers are collaborating on ideas like this.

chausson pod, Feutre sérigraphié en pièce
unique, découpe numérique, assemblage par
Chaque chausson constitue une tuile dans
un pavage périodique hypothétiquement
infini. Les patrons étant contigus, chaque
coupe permet de produire deux pièces. Ceci
est le principe de la «coupe partagée», que
nous exploitons largement dans nos
créations. La rotation des cadres sérigra-
phiques, ainsi que le «bougé» du chemin de
découpe permet de produire des séries

Pod slippers, felt screen printed, original pieces, water-jet cutting, assembly by keys.
Each slipper constitutes a tile of a hypothetically infinite periodic paving. The patterns being contiguous, each cut generates two parts, instead of one. It is the principle of the «share-cut», which we exploit largely in our creations. The rotation of the serigraphic screens, as well as the «bougé» of the cuts, allows the generation of non-standard series.

sac opla, feutre naturel sérigraphié, découpe numérique, assemblage par fermeture zip.
La hauteur du sac opla représente un tiers de la hauteur d’un rouleau de feutre standard. Sa fermeture éclair est une couture amovible, permettant de le monter, mais aussi d’ajouter d’éventuels «périphériques».

hand bag opla, natural felt screen printed, water-jet cutting, assembly by closing zip.
The height of the "opla" bag equals the third of a standard felt roller’s width. Its zip is a removable seam, making it possible to assemble it, but also to add "options".

Pochette cd alvéole imprimée, 20 feuilles en papier recyclé rainé.
Par simple pliage, on obtient une pochette hermétique munie d’une cinématique d’ouverture efficace. Une pastille d’adhésif double-face permet aussi d’animer les murs de range-cds modulaires et ultraplats.

Printed paper CD case, 20 sheets in recycled paper.
Through simple folds, one obtains a hermetic CD pocket with an effective opening kinematics. A two-sided pastille of adhesive also allows to animate one’s walls through the modular assembling of this ultra flat CD case.

pochette cd alvéole imprimable, 20 feuilles papier recyclé rainé, la pochette à plat fait 29,7 cm de long.
Elle peut être imprimée à partir d’une banque de modèles ou être personnalisée avec le logiciel alvéoprint
téléchargeable en cliquant sur la photographie à gauche.

Printable paper CD case, 20 sheets in recycled paper.
Flat, the CD pocket is 29,7 cm length. It can be printed starting from a bank of models, or be personalized whith the software alvéoprint, just click on the image at left .
- objets
projets et idées

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Still Goghing!

Dear Dawn is amazing. I had a whole day yesterday to do something special. I thought I was going to be spending my day with Liam, but it turned out that he had a date with his GrandmaFarm which I had forgoten about.
So....when Dawn called, we plotted, and she decided to torture my kitty.

Poor Zoot. It was the brightest, sunniest day yesterday and he had finally made peace with the fact that his chair was forever changed. He sprawled out on it, soaking up the rays (can kitties make vitamin D through their fur?) and just wallowed in the loveliness of the day.

Then Dawn showed up. In her white coat. (Her paint smock is a reincarnated lab coat).

With her brushes.

He was in a snit. He was chased off the chair and had to resort to sitting on the back of the couch. He spent the day conspicuously facing away from us. ( He is going to develop white coat syndrome, I swear!)

Dawn did her magic, Levi and Zach amused themselves with Shaun the Sheep DVD's, sketching and generally driving me crazy, Josh cheered us on, Zoot ignored us and pouted,
and I, well I made soup of course.

And I did important "research and development" on the top secret new project that Dawn and I are working on together. (It's going to be really exciting!!)

Back to the chair...Dawn is amazing!
You know how most of the Masters, Vincent included, learned and became great by copying other Masters? Dawn is right up there. The chair is a Masterpiece! The colour and light in the painting are beautiful!

It is a one-of-a-kind, and I can't even begin to tell you how happy it makes me to look at it, sitting here in the sun! If you click on this last photo, you can see that there is just one couple sitting there, on the terrace at the cafe. It's Mr Wonderful and me...we have the place to ourselves!

(Don't you think Dawn should also paint herself in here? Leave me a comment if you think she should).

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Saturday, March 01, 2008

Inner peace...

"The way to achieve true inner peace is to finish what you start. So far today, I have finished 2 bags of M&M's and a chocolate cake. I feel better already." ~ David Barry