Sunday, April 30, 2006

The joy of ATC's!

This past week we had three terrific, energetic, and funny young men from BC staying with us. Well, of course we had to show them what ATC's were all about. It was great!

I made them each a card to take with them when they leave for home tomorrow. We'll miss them!

ATC's for Matt, Joel and Ian

Monday, April 24, 2006

The art of photography...

My friend Linda is a great photographer. She is taking a course and needed some action shots and asked if we could go for a walk. She knows the boys love to move. I thought it would be an opportunity to improve my skills as well, what with the new camera and all. So we grabbed the cameras and headed out for a great afternoon in the parks. Linda got some great running shots, but I wanted to try something a little more exciting. As the boys kicked it up a notch, (note: I did not come up with this activity) I was ready for the action. I think they turned out well!

Love this one....

"The Outdoor Experience"

Yep, that's the slogan of the little city where I live, and that's what we were going for. What else do boys like to do but run, jump, fly? Great shots, hey?

After a trip to the emergency room...

It wasn't the flying leaps that hurt him. It was his excitement at jumping off the wall to come and see the great photo I snapped. It's a simple fracture...he'll be good as new in four to six weeks.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

On an (almost) deserted Island...

Three of my favorite men!

Swimming with the Sea Lions...

while trying REALLY hard not to look like a fish!


Phapboy ordered Pascada...fried fish. They kind of have the same look on their faces, don't they?

Road with rocks...and cactus...

Notice the "wide" shoulders on the road? Couple that with 16% grades, many mountain ranges to cross, many miles to make...what do you get? Adventure!!

Sea of Cortez from the van

I would occasionally release my white-knuckle grip of the van door to snap a pic of the incredible scenery...

Back at It!

Wow! After an amazing trip to Mexico, and a drive over 2000 miles long, I'm home. While driving the, mountainous, narrow roads in the Baja I occasionally had serious doubts that I would make it back in one piece.
But here I am, back and inspired by the contrast of the brown landscape and the vibrant colors of the Sea of Cortez and the local handiworks. It was breathtaking!!

Then yesterday I saw a beautiful work in progress at my friend Dawn's house. She's participating in a RR Calendar swap, and the latest arrival was stunning! The work in the books I've seen so far rivals anything I've seen in True Colors! Have a look at Dawn's blog, "Art of Humungous Proportions".
After such importation, I just HAD to work on something myself, and picked up a journal meant for a Bird Watcher.

It's called "Bird Notes", and if I were to read a book of notes by Birds, I'd hope they'd tell me how to fly! So that's the theme! I'm hoping to pass it around to the Posse, and have my talented Art friends work in it too.