Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Back at It!

Wow! After an amazing trip to Mexico, and a drive over 2000 miles long, I'm home. While driving the, mountainous, narrow roads in the Baja I occasionally had serious doubts that I would make it back in one piece.
But here I am, back and inspired by the contrast of the brown landscape and the vibrant colors of the Sea of Cortez and the local handiworks. It was breathtaking!!

Then yesterday I saw a beautiful work in progress at my friend Dawn's house. She's participating in a RR Calendar swap, and the latest arrival was stunning! The work in the books I've seen so far rivals anything I've seen in True Colors! Have a look at Dawn's blog, "Art of Humungous Proportions".
After such importation, I just HAD to work on something myself, and picked up a journal meant for a Bird Watcher.

It's called "Bird Notes", and if I were to read a book of notes by Birds, I'd hope they'd tell me how to fly! So that's the theme! I'm hoping to pass it around to the Posse, and have my talented Art friends work in it too.