Saturday, March 18, 2006

The journal entry

All thought is formed first in words. If we loose the capacity to use words plainly and specifically, we will lose our capacity to think clearly and logically. To improve our thinking we must measure our words and expand our vocabulary. If we communicate by grunting our displeasure or only clapping our hands in joy and appreciation, we lose ourselves and regress. If we choose only the visual media to express or receive our understanding of reality, we operate primarily in the sphere of our emotions and the senses, not the inner world of deep thought. We need to open our minds to great classics and open our ears to truly great oratory. Sophisticated patterns of reliably correct grammar and wonderfully expressive patterns of words in great literature will increase our ability to think and make proper sense of our confusing world. There is more to be grasped in the universe than what we are comfortable with. We need words to think about, examine, express and ultimately, to understand it. Only then can we improve it.


Nialle said...

Monosyllabic grunts aside, does communication limit thought, or vice versa? Are they both a collar on each other, chasing tails until our conversations and books end up in a pile of grammatical protozoa?

Mmmm. Protozoa.

arlene said...

Good point. Without communication, or attempts at it, we loose our voices AND our ability to think. Are we designed to recieve inspiration from without, or designed to give rhetoric?