Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Learning curve.

Ouch...I have a hard time with technology. The climb is steep, and I feel light-headed from lack of oxygen...I think I'd better go lie down and have some chocolate. Yes! Definitely chocolate! That will do it. But NOOOO! Here comes my buddy Dawn, Sovereign over all Pointy Hats, poking at me with her scepter, threatening to give the "Off With Her Head" command unless I trudge onward and upward and complete this blog thing! Dang! I really could have used that chocolate!But, surprise! HRH knew of that which she spoketh! The upload worked and I'm off like a herd of deep snow...wearing mittens and mukluks...up hill.So prepare to be amazed and astounded. Now I'm off to find something very dark and rich.

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