Tuesday, January 02, 2007

HaPpy NeW YeAR!

There are so many things I want this year. I want to "become". I want to "be", and to experience joy in that, rather than be judged for what I "do".

What do you want for 2007? More stuff? More accolades? More toys? I don't think those things are really too important on your list either. Have you made a list? Care to share it here? I'd love to read your top 10 hopes for the next chapter in your life.

Here are10 (or so) of mine:

I want to not worry...about a few things that have been unsettled since about June...things I have no control over, that affect my family, friends and community of faith. I want to deal with it and let it go.

I want to not feel pressured to keep secrets to cover other's hurtful actions and questionable decisions. If I wouldn't do it myself, why should I cover for someone who feels it's justifiable, but who insists that others who are effected should not know about it.

I want to continue to put my wonderful husband first on my calendar. He literally lays down his life for us each and every day, and does it with a humble, happy attitude, so when he comes home from working a 12 hour shift, I will be here for him as often as I can. Most things that need doing can be done in the daytime while he's working. If others think that he demands it, or expects me to have no life, I'll tell them to give their head a shake (in a nice Christian way LOL). I love honouring him, he adores spending time with me, and I with him.

I don't want to ask more than my son and daughter-in-law can give. They are busy, giving, unselfish and wonderful. They have a life to build, and a little boy to raise up, and I want to enjoy watching them do it, and help out when I am asked.

I want to feel healthy, and to be able to keep up to my kids and my grandson. I don't want to put on any more weight, but I don't want to obsess about my weight.

I want to base my education on my own passions, interests and my unique mission.

I want to Carpe all my Diems!! I want to spend my life, not hoard it as if waiting for it to magically increase in power and importance. If I don't enjoy today, there is no opportunity to take back the time.

I want to sit by the lake and watch dragonflies race in the sunlight, to hear the loons and coyotes call when daylight fades. I want to smell the rain coming from the west, and hear the aspens shake their leaves as the storm rolls in. I want to be amazed again at the fireflies, and feel my heart race at the energy unleashed by an electrical storm as I lie, dry and warm with Daniel, in the tent.
I want to taste the best meal in the world; fresh caught fish cooked on my Dad's camp stove and served sizzling hot from my Mom's covered enamel dish.
I want to travel back in time, down the roads of my childhood to that little lake known only to my family, to stand on the dock and see that God is good.

I want to experience the miraculous, each and every time I open my heart and soul.

I want to be a friend, meet needs, make a difference. I want to Love.

My hope is that you will
seek what you truly need, and find what you truly want.

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Karyn/Mom said...

What a wonderful list of "wishes" or should I say "new year's resolutions?" These are the best - and attainable, too...realistic. You have such a way of bringing us back to what is really important, Arlene. It is only one of the things that makes you such a special person to know.

You already are a friend, BTW - one in a million. Loyal, trustworthy, caring, giving, always there when I need you, loving of my family, and a whole heap 'o fun at a sleepover..... You are the one person (besides my man) I can tell ANYTHING to and I know you will still love me and, more importantly, you will still love any family member I have been distressed about. You and your guys (and one gal) are very special to us.

I pray you will be able to fill ALL the "wishes" on your list for 2007.

I will try to make the time to come up with my own list, in answer to your challenge and post it on my blog.

BTW, did you get to give the gift to your Mom and Dad? Did they cry? I can't wait to hear what their reaction was!