Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Valentine Swap

The Valentine swap I am in is so much fun! From the moment I got an invitation to join from Lelainia, I've been plotting what to make, how to put it together, how to wrap it.

Well, that part is all behind me. I mailed all the gifts off today. And now...on top of the fun of planning and executing MY gifts, I get to sit back and wait for all the gifts from the other artists to arrive. The anticipation is delicious!
Then, starting February 1st, I will open one gift per day, and end on Valentines day opening two gifts.

It's a big JOY to me to be included in this swap. Dawn has done some other swaps with these artists, and they are so gifted. I hope I can bring some little joy to their day on February 5th with my gift.

Ah, Valentines Day is indeed good for the heart!

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Karyn/Mom said...

LOoks like a fun swap!