Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Random thoughts on passion and curiosity

"I think curious people are like magnets," he said

That's a quote I recently read in a blog post somewhere, attributed to a young German man who caught a ride with the blogger on a trip across the US. It explained why they felt so comfortable traveling together.

Curiosity is one of my favorite character traits, along with passion. There is so much energy in both.
When I meet someone new, and I see them passionately pursuing their great love of whatever, I feel drawn to engage them in conversation, find out what it is that draws them to their particular endeavor. People are passionate about an amazing variety of things.
I have met people in the last couple of months who are passionate in an astonishingly wide range of interests and expertise.
Like moss. Who knew there are so many kinds of moss in Canada, or the world, and that the study of moss could be a life mission of this biologist, the husband and father of a family we know and love? I think that is wonderful, and the fact that I had never imagined this as a subject of depth surprised me. And made me strangely happy, because once again I am reminded that there is SO MUCH OUT THERE that I have yet to discover! There is so much to be curious about!

Another family we know are astounding in their passion for the environment in general, and the southern Alberta area in particular. Paul and Sherri and their family stepped in to be the change they wish to see in the natural world they love so much. Their mission is to bring together all the diverse groups and individuals who share their love and concern, to concentrate the impact of many people passionate about the same thing, working together to bring about change.

In the journey of guitar that Levi has recently embarked upon, the teacher he has connected with is passionate about guitar to a degree I have never encountered. Here is a direct quote from lessons on Monday. (yes, I carry a notebook to write down things like this. I just don't tell people what I am doing. Until now. The secret is out. Oops.)

"I believe a guitar has a spirit just like I do. And I can pick up a guitar and feel it. I have picked up guitars and know instantly that they hate my guts! If they've been played for years by someone who really loved them, they don't want me anywhere near them, and I can feel that, and I just have to set them down and walk away".
Ev Norris

Now, I'm not saying I agree with his theology, but I admire the passion.

Curiosity draws me too.
Why do things work? Why do you feel so drawn to that particular thing? What is the nature of your passion? How can I share in it?
Curiosity leads us to many new discoveries, where we may find our true passions.


Karyn/Mom said...

I think that is a beautiful thing to think about a guitar.
I agree - a well loved instrument seems to have a personality, a purer sound than one that sits or stands in the corner.
The part that it has an actual spirit? naw, not really.
But MUST have a spirit!

Stacy said...

What a truly inspirational entry. Who knew that moss could bring such feelings of delight? I just love reading your thoughts and insights.