Sunday, December 02, 2007

Another new project completed

It was too cold to go out today, so I stayed in and made a bag. I didn't use a pattern, just decided how big I wanted it, cut some pieces to roughly that size, and had fun.

It's a collage of fabric, paper and lace...I call it "Shabby Cheep". (There are a couple little birds on it, and all the materials came from the re-use center. harhar) None of the edges are finished, so it's frayed and tattery and rough around the edges. I love that look.

Maykala and the boys came over. Suresh is returning from India today, and rather than drive all the way back to the city after church, she picked up some KFC and came for lunch while she waited for his flight. It is always great spending time with her, and the boys were very happy to see Malfy.

1 comment:

CEO (Creative Eccentric One) said...

i LOVE this!
i WANT one!
YOU should be making these in bulk and sell em on Whyte Avenue somewhere!!

p.s. i need to learn how to sew ... uh, ya, and find a sewing machine ;)