Saturday, December 29, 2007

I didn't forget Lelainias's gift!

Our hostess for the 12 Days of Christmas swap made an extra gift...lucky number 13, to be opened by each participant on the day their own gift was to be opened by the group. That way, we all got to open each day. I couldn't post it when I opened it on day 8 as that would spoil the surprise for everyone after that. But here it is!

The Ten Commandments Of Creative Beings. How perfect! Lenainia mounted them in a frame, adding my favorite number and a pretty button embellishment. It is the perfect thing to hang in my studio space, read often and remember always..."to honour and nurture my creative spirit; to allow myself to take creative risks; to increase the beauty of the world".
Those are only a few. What beautiful sentiments. I will always treasure this Lelainia, thank you!

It was Lelainia who began this incredible swap, and I am deeply indebted to her for her creative essence, which is so much a part of her that she was committed enough to carry on with this swap in the middle of a move, and painting of a new house. Wow! Please, have a look at her blog or her website or her etsy shop and drop her a little comment if you like. (Say hi for me too!!)

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