Thursday, December 20, 2007

My gifts, Day 8.

Here is the pile of little fabric and paper collage books before I wrapped them up. I used all kinds of treasure and junque to embellish them.

They are kind of shabby around the edges, and imperfect, and feel so nice in my hand with the textures of the fabric and buttons and things.

After sewing a little bag for them, I wrapped them in tissue, tucked them in, and wrapped a torn scrap of red around to hold the day 8 tag. Then I put them in their mailing envelopes.
In my haste to get them out, just as Nialle was being admitted to the hospital, I forgot to include my tags with my name on them.

That's it! They are all in the hands of the artists I made them for, and I hope they enjoy them, and find some special little bits and pieces to tuck into the pages.


Creative Eccentric One said...

Thank you for making an extra one for me. I love it! I'm going to fill it with special quotes ~ too nice to use for grocery lists!!

Stacy said...

These are charming! You have such a magical eye for beauty.

Deb said...

I absolutely ADORE the pristine white book you made for me! I will treasure it always - and it must must MUST be filled with lovely bits of goodies. I can't wait! Many thanks!


Pilar said...

Arlene! I can't thank you enough for this beautiful gift! I love your use of fabric, paper and bits. Also, the shades of white are just delightful. Thank you, thank you, thank you!