Saturday, December 29, 2007

Boxing Day Adventure

On Boxing Day we decided to "dress up" for a day out. This is what that looks like in the North:
We went out...this is the road into my parents cabin.

There was quite a convoy...6 snow machines and Mike's truck. How he drove in (it's mostly off road) through the three feet of snow (that's one deeper drifts) is a mystery to me. It's a testament to his crazy driving skills, not to mention his complete disregard of the laws of physics!!

However, we did make it in. I traveled with the sisters in the truck with Mike and Drake, (who is so used to his Dad's insane motor-antics that he played video games on his new PSP, blissfully unaware of the motor screaming and the constant bucking motion of the truck. Wild! (I tell you, that one trip gave me a years worth of Kegle excercises...LOL). It's a one hour drive, either the "easy way" that we took with the truck, or straight up the way the snow machines went. They beat us by about 10 minutes, and had the snow shoveled away from the fire pit and a fire going there and inside the cabin when we got there.

The boys were pretty impressed with Uncle Matt's fire starting skills. He used one sheet of newspaper, a handful of kindling he cut with an axe, and one strike of a match. The woodpile was buried under the snow, but he knew where it was and had the boys hauling firewood to stoke the nice warm blaze.

Jordan, Cheryl, me, Holly.

Daniel and the boys.
This was Daniels first time on a snow machine, and he drove with Levi behind and only got stuck once. We've done this trip on Quads, and it is a blast. Beautiful country!
Big Matt and his little girl.

The feast.
Nothing tastes better than a smoky, hot sausage on a cold day.

Holly and Jordan inside the cabin.

The facilities. (Can you say "Brrrrr....cold!!!!!" ?)

Tayler and Jordan ready to head back down the mountain.

Dusk...back on the "real" road, looking down over the lake.

It was a perfect day. Or almost perfect. Dad wasn't well enough to make the trip in. He and Mom stayed back and were waiting for us with, what else?...a big meal when we got home. Groan...

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Karyn/Mom said...

I'm impressed with Dan! Actually, WE'RE make a trip like that with a passenger, for his first time driving a sled! good for him. Is he hooked? I've got a couple of sleds I might consider selling.....