Saturday, December 22, 2007

So much to show and tell!

Wow. The last three days have been crazy busy, as we are celebrating Christmas today with Nialle and Ness and Liam, before our trip up North. We have been shopping, wrapping, cooking decorating and taking care of all the last minute details we needed to wrap up before sitting back and enjoying the fruits of our labour.

However, the high point of each day has been opening up my little treasures from the worlds most gifted (pun intended, thank you very much) friends and artists.

Day 8 was my day to open the much anticipated gift from the hostess of our wonderful swap, Lelainia Lloyd, (see her here and here. ) I just knew it would be something special; something inspiring and pretty. It is,....but I can't show you yet! I can tell you it is something I love, that I will turn to often for encouragement, and a reminder of the spirit of this amazing exchange. And I promise I will show all in a few days, when Christmas is over and done, and I can really focus on what has been and what is yet to be in the coming year. Stay tuned!

Day 9...oh my! I can show you, but you really can't imagine the lovely experience of opening up this little package from Trudy McLauchlan.

The adorable embroidery, perfect and precise! So cute! The feel of the soft linen and cotton, soft and well washed perhaps?

And the SMELL! Heavenly! A Lavender filled pillow, wafting my favorite scent in the whole world (I can't believe I didn't put Lavender in the database as one of my favorite things!) It is so calming and spirit lifting.
Oh, I do love this Trudy! Thank you So very much! Shall I sleep with it under my pillow? I've been reading with it near by; as it wafts it's marvelous scent up I am relaxed, centered and happy. Ah...bliss.

Day 10 today, and in addition to the stocking stuffers from my family, I had the pleasure and anticipation of the lovely red package from England.
Oh Liz! You read my list, (and my heart)! This little book, fat and full of promise, it is perfect in every way!

Each page is a joy. There are envelopes with treasures I adore....beach glass; worn and smooth and blue as the sea. (I'm drooling!)

Little vintage ephemra bound in or fastened with interesting little paper clips. Each page is more delightful. And in the back, a diminutive pencil to write my secret thoughts and dreams. It is so lovely.

Thank you, thank you!! I will carry this with me and use it and love it and treasure it.

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