Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Day Seven...such a treat.

Fiona Mortimer was the artist responsible for getting me up bright and early with this pretty and cheerful polka-dot package. It came all the way from Queensland, Australia.

It's red cotton wrap was waiting when my eyes popped open, and rather than snuggling back in for a few more winks I just popped out of bed and hustled to turn on the Christmas tree lights, get a pot of tea on, and wake up the boys, (who did not want to miss the show).

And what a reward awaited me! Inside the package was a real work of art. The workmanship is so precise, and the subject is delightful. I'm in love with this little quilt!

The back has a tag printed on fabric with all the information of the swap (which I totally neglected to add to my piece before I sent it out) and the fabric is just unbelievable. I am wondering if Fiona hand painted/dyed it's really unique, and gorgeous.

I'm so happy to be included in this swap with such creative and talented artists. It makes these days before Christmas so very special.
Tomorrow is the day my gift is opened. I may be just a wee bit nervous about that. The caliber of art so far is way up there. I know I love what I made, and would be totally happy with it because it is something that is just "me". I will just hope everyone else feels the same.
So, no worries, surprises are always terrific when they are given in a spirit of friendship, right?


Karyn/Mom said...

Do we get to see what you made?

arlene said...

I can finally post what I made, but I can't post what I opened today, as the lucky # 13 gift from Lelainia is opened in turn by the artist who has the number for that day. So, as there are still 4 more days, there are still 4 more artists who will be surprised by Lelainia's gift.
But it is really, really inspiring, and I will post it as soon as everyone else in the swap has seen it.
Check out the "Counting Down to Christmas" link in my sidebar to see the blog Lelainia set up. There are some nice photos there.