Saturday, December 01, 2007

My (not so) Hollywood debut

I forgot to mention that yesterday after our family outing to get flue shots, we went to West Edmonton Mall to do some Christmas shopping, and see this movie. Now ordinarily, I'd much rather have a flue shot, or dental work, than set foot in that place.

But we had a motive. Mr Wonderful, Josh and a few friends and I spent a very long day last summer as extras in a movie that was being shot at the mall. (it would have saved us a lot of misery if the *shooting* had been fatal!) It opened there yesterday, and we decided to go see it.

I was surprised to see it opening on the big screen. I was expecting it to go direct to video. My friend Linda assures me it's opening here on the big screen at Silver City, but that's because the promoters of the mall want to showcase's basically a travelogue of the mall. The local news did a piece and admitted it's not being shown in theaters anywhere else. It's that (yawn) good.

The one big scene, which my hubby and I were supposed to be casual bench-sitters as Patrick Swayze walks by in the last scene, was cut. I am shocked!

I am sure that was the best scene in the movie, and the back of my head would have been featured prominently, as I gazed lovingly into my sweethearts eyes, completely ignoring the big time star moving down the mall toward us, passing within a couple of feet of where we sat. (after the first ten takes, my eyes were glazed over, so it's lucky the camera was at my back). He even talked to us, and told us his feet, in his high heeled boots (he's pretty short) were killing him. But I digress.
In this scene, he walks, with his family, toward the big Christmas tree which stayed up all summer on Europa Boulevard. Everything works out fine, blah, blah, blah. But this pivotal scene, (with my spectacular hair-do) ended up on the cutting room floor! I am not amused. Nor is my husband. Who. paid. fifty. bucks. to take us to see our big debut.

But as a consolation, I am in another scene, behind the action taking place as Patrick tries to purchase a snowblower for his wife for Christmas.(hahaha...even in Edmonton that's not going over buddy!)
If you look over the cashier's shoulder at the line of shoppers going through the other till, I'm the blurry blue blob moving from right to left. That's me! Followed closely by Josh, Mikayla, and Dawn as various coloured blobs, with or without hats.

As for my husband, I told him fifty bucks is a small price to pay. From now on, he gets to sleep with a Hollywood star.


Creative Eccentric One said...

Thank you for the warning, Ar. I'm getting my boa ready, as we speak, to head out to Christmas in Wonderland today with my other actress buddy, Shelly.

We've heard what you and another friend said after seeing the moving ~ things like "it's reeeeeally bad", "the worst movie e-ver" ... and we're pumped, ready to place our money down to be tortured as well. Heheee.

We went a couple days to the movie set, and on the last day of shooting, Shelly and I covenanted with each other to "stay till the bitter end!" And that we did. 16 LONG hours later, we headed home.

Ahhh ain't it all worth it to be a blur in the background, or say, "Yes, I remember when I was in that little movie with Patrick, you know, Patrick Swayze" (by the way, I think the guy looks old ~ he's 55 years old ~ and he also threw a 2 year old tantrum during the shooting in Zellers ...?!?!

I will be available for autographs, as soon as my 8x10 glossy arrive ;)

runs with scisors said...

the movie was pretty funny in a few parts, but all the "Canadian" people in the movie either had English or Scottish accents, and the most Canadian sounding Guy sounded like a California surfer dude who kept saying Eh repeatedly.

Karyn/Mom said...

ok, I've been waiting for this..but I'd really rather watch it on dvd so I can pause and slo mo the part where y'all star. Also, I think I'd like to see it NOW just to see a part of home. Even though I seldom willingly go into WEM.

Kathleen said...