Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Fourth Day of Christmas...

was very merry indeed. Kathy Strittmater sent an intriguing little package whose blue snow flake fabric disguised it's curious lumps and bumps...what could it be?

Aaaaah. Look! SO brilliant!

This aged looking ATC has an embossed wax heart ** with a sweet little definition of sisterhood on it.
This exchange is a coming together of a group of new and old friends which does feel like a sisterhood of artsy souls, brought together to share the spirit of creating and giving that is a fine reflection of the season.

It sits on this clever, and very beautiful little easel made from an old silver fork. Look at how the tongs form a perfect little heart. (Note: This is much easier to do in theory than in of those "simple, but difficult" tasks I've been frustrated at more than once!)

I love this gift. Thank you Kathy!

**  Correction:  It is actually a polymer clay heart, not wax.

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Karyn/Mom said...

beautiful. I love the fork!