Thursday, December 13, 2007

All set with many blessings.


Look at the beautiful gifts I am going to be opening over the next 12 days! Are you not overwhelmed by Christmas Spirit just looking at them? Wooohooo!

Even Zoot was full of Christmas-ness, and wanted badly to help us get things ready. Josh was digging in the suitcases full of special Christmas ornaments, looking for the nativity set, and the silly cat just had to help. He insisted on licking the whole manger scene clean! (Apparently he thought Mary and Joseph needed a little help, being first time parents and all.)

When they were cleaned to his satisfaction and Josh had set them up, (eeeghuuu! cat slobber!) he climbed into the suitcase for a little nap. Curled right up on top of all the Christmas cheer.

And when the nativity was placed on the shelf in the living room, he decided it needed guarding, and, (though he's never done this before), he climbed in behind the books on the shelf below, to watch over them and reach out and swat at anyone who came too close!

I don't know who he thinks he needs to guard baby Jesus from! It's a mystery to me!


Kathleen said...

That is funny! I think I'll have to meet this cat of yours...

Jimmy the Watchman said...

In heaven I will have many cats with my dogs. I so love the antics cats get into. Seeking and stealthful...I love them. Thanks for sharing the pics and thoughts.

Dawn said...

That is too too funny! I had to get everyone in our house read your post. That Zoot, what a brilliant cat ;)

Karyn/Mom said...

Obviously, Zoot is a smart cat.