Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Colour my World

Out of the dull and the grey, I see colour everywhere today...

My packages before I sent them off to the four corners of the Art World, for the 12 Days Of Christmas exchange by the lovely and talented Lelainia.

Berries in our front yard...a feast for the birds. Photo by Josh.

My piece (and the photo which I used as a reference) done in October at a water colour and ink class by Susan Woolgar. She showed us how to carve a drawing implement from a dry willow stick, to be used with ink.
This was a technique taught to her by the late Euphemia McNaught, an artist who lived and taught school in northern Alberta. Euphemia sometimes painted with the Group of Seven.
After drawing with the stick and ink, we then used water colour and chalk to add colour.
It was a fun class. Susan is really fun person to hang out with, and though I'm not a painter, I decided to just not judge myself while I was enjoying the process.

Zoot. (Liam's new best friend.) Look at those eyes!


Karyn/Mom said...

Love the berries in the snow photo! Good eye, Josh.
Arlene....great job on the watercolor! really good job. You didn't tell me you got to take one of Susan's classes...She is a good teacher, isn't she?
And really, that is a super photo of Zoot.
Color...one of God's most wonderful gifts, in my opinion.

Kathleen said...

I love colour too! And it is so nice to see all those lovely ones after reading drab old 1984. :)

arlene said...

1984...bleh. Makes me depressed just thinking about it.
Have you read "The Giver", or seen the movie "The Village"? More interesting commentary on the importance, and power, of colour.