Monday, November 12, 2007


For all who know Nialle, please pray for him. He is in hospital, with AIHA and is fighting a hard battle, with amazing courage and grace. He is so strong. He never whines. He is my hero.

He needs blood that will match, which he will not react to. With auto immune diseases, it can be a problem to find blood that his body will not reject. So far, the blood they are pumping in is helping him to stay even at about 80. (Normal for him is 160-180) So far, our prayers have been answered! Someone, somewhere, gave blood that was a close enough match that he has had no reaction. Blessed...that's what we are!

If anyone wants to "do" something...and many people have told me to let them know if they can "do" anything...(it's hard when you want to help and you feel like your hands are tied...I know) I would ask that you go to the nearest Red Cross Blood Services and donate some blood. Someone else out there is praying.

Here's Nialle, all dressed for battle, and Liam....and is that an angel on Nialle's shoulder? That explains a lot!


Kathleen said...

I'm glad to say I'm a blood donor...I won't be able to give til Jan. though. If I may ask...does Nialle have an uncommon blood type?

And I'll be praying.

Karyn/Mom said...

The picture made me cry.

Nialle is definately an example of courage and grace. He is a hero, for sure.

But it is his mom that is MY hero - she researches, learns about the disease, and stands up for Nialle to the doctors when necessary. She prays, believes, and loves - no matter how tired or discouraged she is.
She does not complain or let on to Nialle and Vanessa how tired she is, how poorly she feels, or how scared she is. She is solidly there for them.
It is no surprise that Nialle is able to face this disease again and again with such character - he had had a great example.

arlene said...

Karyn, Nialle and Nessa are SO on top of things...and acknowledging the miracles along the way! I love how they hold on to each other and hold each other up through this. I'm a support...yes, but they have a lot of that! Thank you for being support for them.

Kathleen blood donors are also my heros! Good for you!!!!

His blood type is NOT uncommon, but as he's auto-immune, his immune system in hyper active and there is a much greater risk his body will reject/react adversely to transfusions. That has not happened, and THAT is answer to prayer!! Thank you!

Lisa said...

Arlene and Daniel,
We sure are praying for you all. You know the Lord is your strength and your rock and His grace is for such a time as this for all of you.
Remember to take a few minutes whenever you need to to close your eyes and just breathe, and be filled with peace.

Big hugs and blessings to you,