Sunday, November 25, 2007

a night of being artsy

I decided what to do with the piece I made today. I mounted it on a plain canvas, and used it in a little vignette, filling a funny niche in my dining room. The spot has been neglected for far too long, colecting dust and odds and ends, with a mirror I am not fond of propped on the ledge.
I printed off a few photos and mounted them on the back of the niche, set out some candles and added some favorite stones, a little bird to remind me to hope, and placed my new piece in to give it a dash of colour.

I am quite happy with it, it seems to give the room a lift.

When Mr. Wonderful came home for dinner, he admired the whole effect. I asked him what he thought of my art work. It's been forever since I made something for myself, and longer than that since I made something to display.
He was quite taken with it, and couldn't get over the beautiful background. (Uh, that would be the PLAIN WHITE CANVAS I mounted it on!) Ahem, OK, then. He paused, and he looked at me, waiting for his admiration to sink in.
I said..."You mean your favorite part is the canvas...the canvas which came from the store looking exactly like that??!"
The boys and I burst into hysterical laughter, leaving him embarrassed and floundering...reaching, reaching...but nope...nothing was coming to him in the way of ecstatic praise...just: "Really, really nice white canvas!"
Hokey Dinah! I married an art critic!
Sheesh, I should have taken Deb's advice...namely: "NEVER ASK YOUR HUSBAND WHAT HE THINKS OF YOUR ARTWORK".

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Karyn/Mom said...

Oh My Goodness! I haven't had such a good laugh for quite some time! Good thing Daniel's got so many endearing qualities! (And even better that you have such a good sense of humor)