Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Zoot Helps Decorate

Each December Josh always gets excited early to decorate for Christmas. He's good at getting out the old suitcases filled with the early decorations.

There's Santa, making his annual trip around the world...he goes up with the globes.

There is the little paper village that Josh made many years ago
that is carefully placed on a mirror.

There is the nativity we found at a global market before the boys were born. For some reason Zoot feels he must welcome baby Jesus back by licking him, and his stable, every time we unpack it! Is that weird or what?

Every year, Zoot is as excited at Josh to see the old friends we unpack. And every year, when there is room in the suitcase, Zoot must crawl in and curl up for a nap.

This little guy comes from Port Townsend. Daniel and I bought him on our honeymoon. He's pretty special.

This time of year is the time for memories.


Vanessa said...

That is one weird cat.

Kim Mailhot said...

Cats have such a wide and wierd range of talents, don't they ?

I have to go dig out the Christmas decorations from the basement this weekend. No so into it this year for whatever reason but I do get joy from seeing the old favorites. I also have this crazy stuffed snowman that sings "Jingle Bellies" or so it sounds like. hen he gets taken out of his box, the Christmas season has really begun !

I hope you and yours have a hoot this year, and make many fabulous memories !
Cheers and love,

Karyn said...

memories are my favorite part of Christmas ornaments and decorations.