Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Fourth Day of Christmas

...another gift for me!

Ooh La La! What's in the pretty package?

Jeannine Peregrine
made me a little blue house. It's tall and thin and has texture and is divine. I could move right in. It's blue! (Did I mention that?) I love that it has words on it. In a perfect world, I could collage all over the outside of my house and write, like Jeannine did.."The sky is a blue, blue sea". Isn't that perfect?

I LOVE it Jeannine! Thank you so much!

There's another one here.


Karyn said...

This is my favorite, so far! I love it!

And so thoughtful that this artist took time to know what things you love....like words...and blue...

halowrites said...

aren't these all lovely? I adore how she's made each one different. together, they make up an international art village of wonder! :)