Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Cheerful Heart = Good Medicine

Despite all the outlandish politics in Canada this week, (and believe me, it's bad), I have many reasons to smile.

Ada is a ray of sunshine. I got to babysit her today while Liam went out with Mommy. It's the first time she's been away from her Mommy. I don't think she was too traumatized.

Zoot was the object of her attention, making her squeal and positively vibrate every time he walked by...just out of reach. She is really trying to crawl. Apparently she doesn't have enough cat hair in her diet.

The reason Ada was here was because this goof went to get his first haircut at the salon. He sat much better than he did for his mom, as evidenced by the fact that he has hair left. Last hair cut, (home made) he wiggled and fussed so much that Nessa ended up just shaving it all off because he wouldn't sit still for her to cut it straight.
He's quite pleased with himself this time, and he pointed proudly at his mouth to show me where he put his chocolate (bribe) from the salon. So, here is his new Funky Fro!


abbymaya said...

Okay, these pics are just too adorable!

Kathleen said...

Ohmygosh, CUTE!! :)

Vanessa said...

I'm glad he has hair left this time too. And Ada clearly didn't miss me one bit! She is such a happy girl, isn't she?

arlene said...

With all the attention, I don't think she noticed her Mommy was gone...for that whole 1/2 hour!
Grandma Town

Karyn said...

great photos of some of the cutest kids on the planet!