Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Counting Down to the 13th

It's really starting to feel like Christmas, what with the snow and the -20 C temperatures. Brrrrr..... It's all I can do to stay warm. Just looking out my window makes me shiver! I can't wait for this! Look at all the goodies that arrived in my mailbox over the last few weeks. The anticipation is half the fun!

On Saturday Mr. Wonderful had a birthday. It was pretty special because we had a lot to celebrate. We saw the specialist on Friday and learned for certain that the "thing" on Daniel's back was not something to worry about. We had been told a couple weeks ago that it was all OK, then we had a call from the surgeons office that Daniel was to come in so they could discuss the"next step", but they couldn't tell us what that meant over the phone.
We didn't want to worry, but that sounded a little ominous. It was all good, and we are very happy, and we had a little celebration with family and a few friends!

Look who got all dressed up!

Yesterday Liam came to visit, and managed to convince both his uncles to have a nap with him. There was a lot of snoring going on, but I don't know if anyone got too much rest.

Today is my sweet sister's birthday! She's been getting into the holiday spirit with parties, and skating on the canal in Ottawa, and visits to see this guy. I know for a fact that she's been a really good girl, so I hope all her wishes come true this year. She deserves it!

I love you sis!


Kim Mailhot said...

Oooo! Those packages look so yummy ! How fun ! I so agree that anticipation is the best but it looks like there are some pretty talented people making those gifts ! The opening should be a blast too !

Your neck of the wood looks like a winter wonderland ! We had our first dusting here last weekend and it was getting colder but today we have a fluky freaky day where the temps are going up to + 17 !!!! What the heck ? Tomorrow it will go back down to close to zero. I'm thinking the big guy up there is having some joking fun with us or something ! Oh well,...

Sorry I wasted your time talking about the New Hampshire weather ! I am so happy that you are all having a holiday season so filled of thankfulness and peace of mind!

~peaceful hums of thankfulness flowing...~
Love Kim

arlene said...

Kim! +17??! Crazy! It was -20 yesterday and today it's +4 with showers, and Saturday it's supposed to be -20 again! Yikes.
Oh well, with Peace and Goodwill in abundance, the weather doesn't matter!
xo arlene

Vanessa said...

Uncle Josh and Uncle Wedi are so kind to play so patiently with Liam all the time. Josh is very good at pretending he's asleep. Levi, on the other hand, shouldn't smile. haha.

Karyn said...

Aren't uncles wonderful? Liam is so blessed to have such fine young men to play with him. But I agree with Ness....Levi should take acting lessons from his brother - Josh looks almost convincing.

Happy Birthday to Cheryl!