Monday, December 15, 2008

Twas the 3rd Day of Christmas...

and the little bird was at it again.

It's a wee bit warmer here today. It's only -27.


That's my world folks.

One where -27 actually gets mentioned because it's warmer!

But I digress. The bird is fast becomming my new BFF. He flew in this morning with a little silver box from Texas! Amy sent this pretty package, tied up with pink string.

What makes it worthwhile to crawl out of bed when it's this cold? Dominos! A perfect silver soldered Domino and the letter "A"! ("Today's programming is brought to you by the letter "A" and the number "3")

Amy did it! Isn't she wonderful? I'm wearing it now, and I am not taking it off! Thank you Amy. I may not be a ten, but I'm a 9!!

1 comment:

halowrites said...

I adore your little bird (so clever, the way he brings the parcels right to you!) and your vintage hand you use to display the jewellery is so very gorgeous. :)