Thursday, December 18, 2008

Day 6!

One week till Christmas. Ruth's gift marks the half way point of the swap. Look at the polka dot paper. I have been enjoying the creative wrapping (almost) as much as the wonderful gifts!

Ruth made crocheted cuffs! Perfect for me. My girl Vanessa knits, so I can always count on her to make me gorgeous knitted things like felted slippers and tea cozies and mitts. But she doesn't crochet, and I while I can grasp the concept and understand the pattern, I have never been able to follow through on the amount of attention to detail and tension and time involved in this beautiful art.

Thank you Ruth, for gifting me this gorgeous aqua beauty with the mother of pearl button (!) and tiny seed pearl beads. Isn't it perfect?

No one can prove I haven't been a good girl this year...I have proof to the contrary. Surely I would not be the recipient of all these wonderful gifts made with such love and care had I not deserved it.
And yes. That's my story. I'm sticking to it.


Kim Mailhot said...

Didn't need the proof to know that you deserve those many sweet gifts !!! You most certainly do, just for being your own sweet you !

Gorgeous cuff ! Ruth is quite the artisan !

7days ??? Phew it's coming fast.
Shopping all done as of this morning except for a few stocking stuffers for the hubby. Next comes the bake-a-thon. We (he??) decided to give all the in-laws(his side) some cookies and sweets as gifts this year instead of the dreaded gift cards. Problem is, I am the baker in the family ! Kristmas Kim"s work is never done !!! Oh well, he better keep me well supplied with Spiced Rum and eggnog, light on the nog !

Stay cozy and warm, Miss Thang !
Happy Giving Season !

Karyn said...

Of COURSE you have been a good girl and you TOTALLY deserve all these lovely gifts.

You are one of the best gifts in my life, that is for sure.