Wednesday, December 17, 2008

On the 5th Day of Christmas

Lelainia's lucky #13 is mine! This is day 5 of the swap, and that's my day, so I can now open the gift made for each of us by Lelainia. I can't show you, because that would ruin the surprise for the other artists who have to open her gift later in the exchange. ( But you're going to love it!)
Instead I'll show you the gifts I made. They are darn hard to capture on camera!

I made each artist a wallet with my favorite medium...a little of everything. Fabric, papers, ephemera, and bits and bobs...keys, buttons, old stamps and glitter and...stuff! Of course each one is different. I couldn't make them all the same if I tried. It was so much fun hunting down the scraps and material and assembling each one. It was always a surprise to see how they would come out.

I wrapped them in red paper, tucked them in envelopes and sent them out into the world. They mostly arrived on time, but I need to make a new one for Barbara. Hers still hasn't shown up. So sad! Barbara, I hope you do something nice for yourself today. Even though you don't have a surprise from me, make sure it's a special day as we count down to Christmas!
(You'll be getting another one in the mail!)


Melissa said...

Hello! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I enjoy yours too.

Peggy said...

You are so talented.