Sunday, December 14, 2008

On the 2nd Day of Christmas...

I woke up very early this morning. Liam was here. Last night we snuggled on the couch and watched the full moon through the icy front window. While we were sleeping, it circled all the way around to the back of our house, and Liam noticed it when I was making him breakfast. There it was, stuck in the frosted branches of our big tree in the back yard!

It's cold. - 36 Celsius. But this morning brought more than frigid temperatures. Look! This brave little bird brought me a mysteriously wrapped little gift from Penelope.

It's a perfectly adorable little hand bound book! It's cover is richly textured and hints of the secrets inside...

It does indeed hold magic! Each page has a pocket, with an inscribed card tucked inside. The cards reveal the secrets of that greatest of all scientific mysteries; Alchemy!

Alchemy is the lost art of turning ordinary materials into gold. Penelope achieved that objective very well. The little book is much more than the sum of it's parts. It's beauty and charms surpass the expectations of mere paper, a bit of string, a bit of heavy fabric and a pair of beads.

It's a precious gift I'll treasure forever Penelope. Thank you!!!
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Kim Mailhot said...

What sweet gifts !!! Keep that birdie warm ! -36 ??? Yikes ! Colder than a witch's tit, eh ? Hee, hee, I used a potty word - I could only ever use the word "tit" in a written conversation or if I was mad or something, I mostly like boob or "girl's" better. But with that kind of cold, "tit" definitely works !!!

Sending warm hugs !!!

Maria said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous things you got there! And your pictures are like post cards, so nice. I'm happy to be in FL. 36 Celsius... BIG Brrrr.. but very pretty nevertheless.


arlene said...

Yup Kim, weather like this calls for potty words indeed. If your lips aren't too frozen to grumble.

And Maria...I'll try not to be TOO jealous of you in FL. *...trying..* Nope, sorry. It's not working. I'm green with envy.

xo arlene