Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Ten Tiny Things

Don't you love a challenge? Especially when it involves taking photos of some of your favorite things? Me too!
When I read Kim's blog today, while I was waiting for the paint on my laundry room floor to dry (No, really, I meant to do that!), I checked out her blog. She had a link here to this challenge, and she also had a great photo already posted. The keener. Well, I can see why she was so prompt...it's a super easy-peasy challenge, and it only takes a few minutes to do.

These are all little things found by the water. The cool shaped stones were found on the beach at Lincoln City, OR, on our vacation in 2007. They are very unique, and they all have really amazing holes in them. The one on the bottom right is heart shaped, and also has a heart shaped hole right through it! How cool is that?! It is one of my favorites. Well, that and the Birthday heart. (see below).

Here is a list (left to right...just like reading...)
  1. Lincoln City, OR beach stone-great shape...cool hole (2007)
  2. Smooth shell from beach at Port Townsend, WA (1992-my Honeymoon)
  3. Sea glass from Port Townsend (1992)
  4. Black stone with white cross-from beach at Slave Lake, AB (circa 1979)
  5. Buffalo Tooth picked from edge of Old Man River and given to me by my friend Tyson as we were walking there. Who knows how old it is??? (Lethbridge, AB; February 2008)
  6. Sea Glass. (San Fransisco, 2008)
  7. Heart Stone-Gift from my son Levi's friend)
  8. Heart Stone -from walk up Wolf Creek, Canmore, AB, (2007)
  9. Heart Stone -Lincoln City, OR (2007)
  10. See above.
I collect heart shaped little stones whenever I see them...sometimes BIG heart shapes too. I have a huge heart shaped rock in my garden that I found once when we were out at Brazeau Dam.

It was my birthday, and we were out poking around in the rocks...it was paradise for a rock collector like me! We were down near the water, the boys were tossing rocks and finding all sorts of great skipping stones, and I spotted a beautiful, big heart!

It was a long, steep climb up to the car...over loose rocks. Daniel carried this rock up that hill for me, and placed it in exactly the right spot in my garden when I got home.

Best gift ever! I confess, I'd rather have that rock to prove my husbands love than have him buy me a diamond.


Kim Mailhot said...

Hi Arlene !
Talk about a keener ! Your collection of water things is beautiful ! I love rocks too ! I have small collections all around the house and I know pretty much where each one comes from. When I was a single chick, I had a rock display or shrine in my living room. I swear sometimes those rocks moved while I was gone, rearranging themselves when needed. I know a rock collector like you would get that...even if the rest of the world thinks I'm nuts !
You rock, lady !;-D Thanks for all the visits today !

arlene said...

Hey Kim,
I hear You! I have so many rocks...(and marbles...another obsession) every where. My rocks are nothing a true rock hound would treasure, but I love them and they DO have meaning and they ARE a part of me.
Rock on!
xo arlene

Funky Art Queen said...

I love this. My friend Renea will love it because her son once gave her a stone because it was shaped like a heart. I have always loved picking up stones with my kids. Thanks for participating in my challenge.

Maria said...

I have rocks with holes in them to, picked in the Finger Lakes region of NY. I brought some with me to Florida... :) Great display!


arlene said...

Ah! A girl who hauls rocks across a continent is a girl I can relate to!! hehehe
xo arlene

Pocket Full of Prettys said...

Love all these rocks! And the Funky Art Queen left you a note stating how much I would love this! I too collect rocks, stones etc. I have about 6 rocks in the shape of a heart. And yes my son did give me a rock once in the shape of a heart. And that rock is a prize possession. I also have a rock in the shape of a snake's head & the colors are beige & copper. I found it on my hubby's grandmoter's grave, and I really thought it was a snake when I first saw it. It scared me to death! Ha! Hugs***Renea

Karyn said...

I like the big heart in your garden and the love it carries with it! Your Mr Wonderful is truly a good man! Tell him I said so!

Janet said...

Great tiny things! I love finding things on the beach, and Lincoln City is beautiful. I haven't been there in many years but have fond memories of a trip there.

catharinas-love said...

I also love that kind of things !
Stones with a hole in it and stones as a heart .
My English is very bad sorry for that .
Rini - the Netherlands