Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Happy Birthday Liam!

It's Liam's 2nd Birthday today, and we all got together yesterday to celebrate.

It was a holiday here in Canada...because, well, it sucks not to have enough reasons to have a long weekend and a party,* so we arbitrarily decided we needed another one! Yaaaaay Canada! Yaaaay Liam!

We ate. A lot.

The Grandma's got a lot of Ada snuggle time in! She's so adorable! (And ticklish!)

There was a lot of food to eat. So we did.

There were big trucks to drive.

We had presents. Even the live one survived. Liam named his new pet fish all by himself! He called him "Fishy". Actually, "Fisssy."

The biggest hit with Liam was his brand new John Deer tractor and wagon from Unlcles Joel and Josiah. With a trailer load of farm animals. And a Mr Potato Head from BFF Jael.

He also got a cool ride-on car from Grandma and Grandpa Town. Which Grandpa Farm and Uncles Josh and Levi put together so they could all take it for a spin in the neighbouring JW parking lot. Josiah was King of the Road!

And look! Hand knit backpack-goodie bags for the little ones, with a little knit finger puppet in the pocket!! And they're full of treats!! (Which we ate. Yes, even the ones that spilled in the grass. It added roughage.)

I can't believe my sweet baby Grandson Liam is two. His Grandma Farm and I were both there two years ago to welcome him into the world, to cry and laugh and congratulate each other, (and his beautiful parents!) It was one of the happiest days of my life, and I will never forget that feeling of joy and fullness and rightness in the world.

Each time I spend time with them as a family, I have that same feeling.

Happy Birthday Liam. I love you!!

*The author of this blog actually has no idea why the 1st weekend in August is a holiday. But she's not going to be looking a gift fish in the mouth or sniffing a dead horse. She will take it and shut up about it!


KathrynAntyr said...

How cool, hand knit backpack-goodie bags with a little knit finger puppet in the pocket!! I also love his name, Liam.

arlene said...

My Daughter in Law is amazing. She knit the little bags and puppets for the kids.
Truth be told, this Grandma really wanted one. ;)
Liam is a special name. He's a sweetie.

Thanks for popping in!

xo arlene

Vanessa said...

I can't believe I have a two year old! Soon he'll be as old as Josh...or worse, Nialle!

arlene said...


Tell me about it!

Thanks for a beautiful day, (not to mention the two beautiful grandchildren). How did Liam do today with all his new stuff and the "fissy"?


Linda said...

What a joyful post - such a pleasure to read! Must remember that amazing idea about the knitted bags - thats if I ever get to be a grandma. My 2 are in their mid-twenties with no intention of getting married for many years! Oh well....
Linda x

arlene said...

Hi Linda,
Don't give up...life has a way of surprising us! LOL Maybe by the time my younger two are ready to be parents, I'll have learned to knit myself. (They're 13 and 14) Hey, it could happen...anything is possible!


Vanessa said...

BTW your post on Liam's birthday party is way more comprehensive than mine. Whoops! Liam loves the fissy and enjoys his morning chore of feeding it!

Karyn said...

Great post, Ar...sounds like it was loads of fun! What I can't believe is that Josh and Levi are 14 and 13....that's just not right.

And the August 1 holiday? The way I hear it, they declared a holiday so we could have an extra 50,000 people move into our little town that weekend and listen to some awesome music. (Big Valley Jamboree) (Just in case you are uninitiated) (And no, I don't go...I avoid town, if I can)