Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Doesn't this book look inspiring?? It's "A Charming Exchange" by Ruth Rae and Kelly Snelling. And my dear friend and art buddy the famous Dawn Supina is featured in the book!! I am so pumped! I borrowed Dawn's copy so my sister Holly and I could get ideas for our day of playing with beads yesterday, and it did the trick! We took EVERYTHING out and spread it all over my dining room table and ooohed and awed over it all for hours. Holly makes the most beautiful jewelery from her huge collection of precious gem stones, silver and gold wire and chain, and crystals. She has all the tools, all the findings, and a lot of experience. It's not very often she gets to come and play, so we made the most of our time together and I at least mostly completed one piece yesterday afternoon.
She was kind of busy...doing other helping her seester. She's so wonderful like that!

I had so many ideas I hardly knew where to start! I did finally manage to make a necklace for myself, and I love it. It's chunky and asymmetrical and has rocks and stones and metal. I am going to add a little dangly, possibly an old silver charm from my friend Pat, to the point of the rock on the bottom of the necklace. Here it is...almost finished!

Holly ran off to meet here nieces and their new babies this morning, and this afternoon we are going to visit Nessa and Liam and little Ada. Tomorrow...who knows what we'll get up to!

* Edit: The stone with the three holes on the bottom of the necklace is drilled...this isn't one of the stones I found with holes already in them.


Karyn said...


So glad you could have a "playdate" with your sister!

Say HI to Holly for me - and don't week's visit!

Kim Mailhot said...

Hi Arlene !
Sounds like a great sister time ! The neckace turned out beautifully ! I love that rock with the holes - the perfect pendant piece ! How fun to have an expert on hand to play with.

I also love the hand you have hung your creation on !!!Check out this blue hand I found at the flea market not long ago - I plan to use it to display my jewlery in photos for my Etsy Shop opening by 09/30/08 - Blue Hand Creations !

Cool connection, do you think ?!

Jennifer Conway said...

Oh that sounds like the PERFECT day! A woman from my local atc trade group (lelainia aka: tattered edge)is also in that book, and she passed it around the table.....I could barely look at it because I instantly knew that I just had to own it, and pour over it for a good long time!

Love your necklace that you made!

creative sandwich's lovely proprietors said...
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Dawn said...

Cool necklace Arlene! It must have been great to have a jewellery expert on hand to help out with creating your masterpiece. Sounds like you two are having a blast.

I've been very busy as well, making a lot of shabby-ish chic-ish things! I also volunteered at ReUse today. A couple of fun finds too!

Kelly said...

asymmetrical necklaces are so cool. you made a great one! and i'm glad you are enjoying the book!