Thursday, August 07, 2008


I'll be away all day, and leaving early tomorrow for the graduation of my two beautiful nieces. Till I can get to my journal again, I'll show you a little something else I've been inspired to do.

This is my guest room.

My guest room has been a sorry site for the last couple of years. It has seen a lot of traffic, friends and family in and out...I live very close to the airport, and I often felt that I only had time to change the sheets between guests.
The room was stacked with extra blankets, blow up beds, books and "stuff". Grandson Liam's fold up bed is also stored there for his sleep overs.

Last week I was out thrifting with the lovely Dawn, and we stopped in to Home Sense. I found some yummy gourmet sea salts, and then checked out the final clearance rack in the corner.
As soon as I laid eyes on this beautiful quilt, part of a "Bed-in-a-Bag" ensemble, I had a clear vision of re-doing my guest room. I'm pretty sure I heard music playing in the background too. Swelling violins and strings. Or maybe not.

I was captivated by it, and with a little encouragement from my trusty companion, (No, not Lassie, Dawn!) I brought the set home. I didn't say a word to my hubby. He wouldn't have believed I had an actual vision, like Joan of Arc or something, and would have strongly suspected I'd been 'bibing. Bibbing? Whatever.

So there I was, the next day, ripping apart my guest room and bossing around my big, strong boys, while my hubby was at work. It was exciting for them. They love it when I get these urges. HAHAHA

I didn't take before pictures. Don't you hate that?! You look at the mess and the last thing you want is evidence. A reminder of your procrastination. That and having to run up a flight of stairs and get the camera.

But I love the results, and the boys were hardly tired after moving furniture, vacuuming rugs, banging nails, hanging pictures, fetching mini lights, moving furniture again....("no, on second thought it does look better over there") etc, so I made them run up the stairs, search the living room and the barn, and finally tear apart the car to find the camera. They didn't mind that either. Sweet boys.

It was worth it. And when they got to lead their blindfolded Dad down the stairs to see the results, they were very proud. And their Dad was terrified!

But not for long.

I think he heard music.


Dawn said...

Having seen your project first hand (before and after), I must say you did an excellent job, Arlene. Who wouldn't want to be invited for a sleepover now?

P.S. I'll miss ya while you're gone.

Vanessa said...

Looks gorgeous. What do you charge for a night? Can we get breakfast in bed too? ;)

arlene said...

Breakfast in bed? Depends what time you ring the little bell. But I'm sure I could get a boy on that for you!


Karyn said...

Love the quilt....and of course, the room is beautiful! It has your special touch - you know I love the way you decorate. Who knows? maybe we'll have to have another sleepover some day!