Monday, August 11, 2008


It was an absolutely beautiful weekend. We finally got in a trip to the beach. There were a couple of kayaks, two sailboats and a motor boat further down, but we had a half mile of sand all to ourselves.

The water was so clear, and sun was sinking in the west, over the lake, as we went in for a little swim.

My gorgeous sister's baby graduated from high school, so we all got together to celebrate the next day.

My brother's eldest also graduated.

My nieces are all so gorgeous, and sweet!

I hope your weekend was just as fun and special.


KathrynAntyr said...

My weekend was also at the ocean. Swing by and check out my view. You do have a beautiful family. What gorgeous nieces!

Anne said...

Love your beach pics - especially those cute little feet in the sand! Fabulous! :-)

Maria said...

I thought the beach pictures are very evocative. I can feel myself right there!

Maria :)

Mary S Hunt said...

gorgeous young ladies!

Karyn said...

Love the lake shots! I've only been there once...but I should really go summer, I guess. It is so beautiful, almost as gorgeous as those girls!