Saturday, July 26, 2008

Phap Farm 2008


Why is this suspiciously cheerful looking fellow hiding in the trees in front of my house?

He's announcing the long awaited, much anticipated 1st Annual PHAP Farm!

(It's a wonder the neighbours didn't call the cops! Oh wait, they were too hung over form their big LOUD party last night.)

Have you ever wanted to just get away from the real world and get into shape? Get rid of your phlab and tighten up your muscles, (which you just know are hiding under that layer of lethargy and fear)? That same fear that holds you back from being your most creative, from being that best made-in-the-image-of-your-Creator creative that you could possibly be?

We have, and as such we came up with this idea:

Please Join us on
Saturday, July 26th 2008
Noon ~ until the cows come home or the lights go out
at the
PHAP Farm 2008
In LA (Leduc, Alberta)
At Arlene's house ~ backyard to be exact
(we will have shelter if it rains)

Lose some Phlab! Stretch your Imagination! Discover Artistic Muscles you didn't
even know you had!

Some of the activities will include:
Finding your Inner Doodler with Vincent Van Gogh
Think like Leonardo DaVinci and more!
~ PHAPulous prizes ~ What to Bring: Acrylics & Brushes Clothes to Alter &/or Swap Pointy Hat Chunky Stamps Lawn Chairs Picnic Potlucky-type grub

A friend, if you wish
Come dressed in your best ART wear
Please RSVP to Arlene

Yes, today was the day! (Well technically yesterday was the day).

And the day turned out sublime, and we had a wonderful turn out at our PHAP Farm. There was no shortage of fun, and everyone was courageously creative, outrageously generous, and absolutely involved!

Who wouldn't love sitting in the sun, crating a one-of-a-kind painted T while these bubbles floated around you in a gentle breeze?

It felts SO GOOD to break out the scissors, pens and glue and make some ATC's!

No one else in the world will have a shirt like Sam's! Brilliant! He's off to a birthday party, proudly wearing his own brand. I'm so proud!

This little person with the huge heart (represented on this hand printed T) was perhaps the most prolific artiste of the day...she set her hand to journal binding, T shirt painting, ATC creation and a lot more. She is inspiration personified. Whew!

One of the highlights of the day was the unveiling of the "Faux Gogh" chair that Dawn "Gogh" Supina has spent the last several months working on.

The chair exceeded all my wildest expectations, and Dawn's gift of time and talent is truly a wonder to me! How can I ever thank her?

Here is the last, never-before-revealed panel. It's a portrait of the artist who inspired it all. I like to think he would approve!

Could you ever be unhappy with this chair in your home?

What a great group of fearless freinds and wonderful co-conspirators!


Karyn said...

Looks like a great success! congrats!

Stacy said...

What an amazing chair!!! Just breathtaking. I have been waiting for this unveiling for such a long time. Well worth the wait.

I wish I could have come to your 'farm'! You are an inspiration Arlene - truly.

creative sandwich said...

Thanks Stacy! We're planning a PHAP Camp for later this year. We are looking to do it at a real camp and have some classes and such. It will be a great time for creative break out! Check back here, maybe you can come and join us.