Sunday, January 20, 2008

One shocked husband.

My hubby hears about my brilliant schemes all the time. Like the time me and my art posse were going to "alter" his work car. We had plans that involved paint, toxic glues and stuff that would stick on and make people think he'd done the pschycodelic thing in the 60's. (ya, when he was, like, 7 years old?)
He said "sure, go ahead. It's a piece of junk anyway". (I bought it for him at a garage sale as a surprise for $500 and he drove it to work, 25 miles each way, for 5 years.)
Well, like I said, we were always "going to" alter the car, but it died an ignoble death, on the highway last year, before we ever lifted a finger to make good on our threats.
So when I casually said to him the other day. "I want to paint the chair like this, what do you think?" and showed him the picture of the bright and happy chair in an old Home Companion magazine, he said "sure", thinking, I'm certain, that the chair or I would be long dead and buried before it had to worry about the face lift.
But I've turned over a new leaf! I picked up the phone there and then at that very moment and called the one I could count on to "Faux Gogh" my chair in high style. Look at the picture she painted in the "Paint like Van Gogh" class! (Daniel saw it and he liked her copy better than the original! So he has faith in her talent). Oh course Dawn was all for it, and arrived within hours (or so it seemed) with her paint smock, her inspiration, and her go-get-em attitude. Here's a play by play. Stick it out till the end, there's a surprise!

I looked at this,

(my favorite thrift store chair... $14.99!)
and I saw this...or something just as bright and cheery. Maybe Van Gogh-ish sunflowers?...or something even better?

So I did this...

Actually, I cooked this...

and this...

Now, she isn't finished, but I LOVE what she's done. She works WAY too cheap. (Don't tell her I said that. I can afford muffins and soup!)

Can you guess what she's going to paint on the outside of the arm of the chair? If you are the first one to tell me what your guess is, AND, if I've never met you face to face, I'll send you a gift...something hand made that I've done.
But not a chair.
Something little and easy to mail, but something lovely.

Your guess doesn't have to be correct, but if it IS correct, maybe I can convince Dawn to send you something SHE made too! You will definitely LOVE something hand made by her!
Yes, I will make her send you something. (Just don't tell her I told you she would. I have to bake her some more muffins of something first to butter her up. I hope she doesn't get around to checking my blog anytime soon. I'll see how long it takes her to notice I've committed her to yet another project.)

Now I feel like a real blogger, giving stuff away in a contest. Weee!

I promise to post updates of the finished chair if anyone wants to see. I don't want to ruin the surprise.

And I know what you're thinking, but I will so finish it!


Ricë said...

i can't WAIT to see! what a fabulous idea! i don't know you and have no idea what she's going to paint on the outside, but i'll guess either 1) a shoe or 2) a cat. why not?

arlene said...

Wow! You win a prize! First comment, and I haven't met you face to face though I feel like I have from your blog and your web casts...too fun!

I need to send you something, so pulease sent me your snail mail addy at arlenet at shaw dot ca.

Oh, and here's a hint for the outside of the's in the same theme ( and yes Vincent did paint shoes...but that's not it)'s kind of stetched in and you might be able to guess if you know his stuff and you look closely at the photo.

I'll still convince Dawn to send a prize to whoever guesses it. (She hasn't seen this...YET....I'd better get baking)

Karyn/Mom said...

No fair! I can't guess....
And BTW, I would say, from your descriptions of the project that YOU will not be finishing it, DAWN will be finishing it!

Can Dawn send me a prize anyway? I'm guessing the Sunflowers...but I've met you both face to face, so I guess I'm not eligible. :(

I already got a lovely gift from you...but if you want to send me another one, I won't complain. :)

foundthings said...

that SOUP loooooks so yummmmy and the muffins wowza....although as i said at your pal dawns blog i think ZOOT gets the better end of the deal! its FANTABULOUS!

arlene said...

Hey Karyn...sorry. I arbitrarily made up that rule 'cause I can..I am the queen of this blog! HaHa!
Plus, I already know you read my blog. I was curious to see where I would send a prize. The winner is in Texas. Maybe close to your other home? Check out Rice's blog. Her books inspire me!

arlene said...

Hi E.mmy. Zoot has ignored his chair since it's transformation. Maybe he's just waiting for us to finish it. (Notice I use the terms "us" and "we" rather loosely.)
But hey, someone has to keep the java and goodies coming for Dawn!

Dawn AKA Creative Eccentric One said...

Look what happens when I don't check out your blog for a couple days! Sheesh!!

I love the part where you say "And I know what you're thinking, but I will so finish it!" We all know who has to finish it, Ar! Teehee

Hopefully this nasty cold will leave me really soon so I can drive down to your place and do another panel soon. But I am thinking about my fee ... hmm ... it may have to go up. The stress pay alone should be worth more than muffins and soup (not that they weren't delicious or anything). I suppose I should be nice and just come over and do some painting anyway. Afterall you did just spoil me on my birthday ~ creating a most awesome handmade purse.

violette said...

oh my gosh........this is a very cool chair! Lucky you!

Love violette

arlene said...

Dawn! Glad you could drop in! hehehe
I am sure you will agree that a nice little goody (like what you made for 12 Days?) would be a wonderful gesture to the first person (known to us or not) who can look at your sketch in the photo and guess what you have planned for that spot. Karyn? Any guesses? I think it's quite obvious!
And Dawn, you drive a hard bargain, but OK, I'll make my famous cupcakes next time. And tea and brandy and chocolate. And chicken soup if you're still not well. Deal?
Oh, and I confess, I use the terms "I will finish it" and "we are working on it" quite loosely. I'm like the Queen that way.

arlene said...

Thanks for stopping by! I'm looking around at my home in a whole new way now...hmmm...what next?

Dawn ~ Creative Eccentric One said...


Susan Italo said...

Dawn (and Arlene.... hee hee) what a wonderful update! What kind of paint are you using? And will it be soft enough to sit on, or is it just for oogling?
As for the looks like a cantina in a village square...with wine glasses...within the heel of a shoe...
mmmm, chocolate cupcakes!

big Sis Cheryl said...

Wicked!! My guess is a tree... but perhaps a tiny mouse for Zoot would make him feel welcome again. So, Dawn, when are you coming to Ottawa? I have to finish those blue birds on my ceiling sometime, and a little pressure to finish would be inspirational!!
Can't wait to see the finished product. Get well soon (I would definately make a pot of chicken soup, Arlene)

arlene said...

Susan...we're using acrylic, and don't know if it will crack. So far so good, we have been sitting on it for a week and it's a little crunchy, but not too bad.
Even if I can only sit and look at it, it's worth lights up the room!
And your guess is SO close! I must consult with the CEO (Creative Eccentric One AKA Dawn) and see if we have a winner!

Cheryl: Hi Sis! I beg to are and ever shall be my little sister. hehe
Dawn and Zach (son of CEO) want to paint Zoot, curled up in his usual position, on the flip side of the chair seat. Cool, no?
And I will volunteer Dawn to paint your ceiling, and any other boring portion of your home, the very next time she is in Ottawa. It's her Birthday today and I just took her cupcakes...she's putty in my hands!