Monday, January 28, 2008

The Colouring part

This is what helps remind me to colour outside the lines.

My wonderful, wild Sharpies, a Christmas gift from Josh.

I always have a handful of black ones kicking around, but I'm discovering the joy of having bright and inspiring ones to play with. Today I cleaned my studio, organizing and sorting and purging. I found my work table beneath a pile of what I shall generously call stuff. I can now use my table...the whole thing. Wow! Who knew it would inspire me to do some journaling, something I've neglected for far too long. And my Sharpies added just the right touch, especially when I combined them with my water colour pencils. Used outside the lines, of course.

And I neglected, in my previous post, to mention this great bowl that contains all my instruments of brilliant Sharpieness.

This bowl was a gift too, from Dawn. She made me a bowl from an old LP, and lined it with a pretty blue doily, and delivered it full of goodies.
Just because.
She's like that.
She'll come to your house at the drop of a hint and paint your furniture too! Like here. If it weren't currently -47 Degrees Celsius (I know!!!) she would be out with her artist smock, and her Gogh-get-em attitude, and we'd have that chair finished! But it really is -47 Degrees Celsius and the wind chill is a killer. So she is tucked up safely at home where she should be, and the chair waits, making me happy just as it is, so bright and starry. Making a slip cover for the chair would have been too tame...too much like colouring inside the lines.
Have you coloured outside the lines lately?

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Loretta said...

Love the Sharpies! Keep making art!

Happy midwinter,