Tuesday, January 22, 2008

One more guess anyone? One more prize. Dawn insists!

Here is the view of the sketch Dawn did. Can anyone figure out what she means to paint? It's pretty famous and it's in the same theme..."Faux Gogh".
Oh, I'm making it way too easy! You can do it...and Dawn will reward you with a wonderful little surprise! Right Dawn?

On another note, my friend Diane sent home some herbal concoction to help me with the awful headaches I've been having. (something to do with the fibromyalgia I guess).

Well it looks so pretty, and green and flowery...but the taste? Blech! (I was warned, but man, it's pretty vile). I'm trying to choke it down and hoping maybe it will have that "Buckley's Effect"...you know when you were a kid and your mom made you take Buckley's for your cough, and you SWORE you'd never cough again?! And you didn't? (I took Buckley's once in 1967 and have not coughed since). Ya, it's that good.
The other cure was much more pleasant. She told me to rub a little Lavender essential oil on my temples as soon as I feel a head ache coming on. Ahhhhh! That's better. Soothing and relaxing. Love it. Thanks Diane.
I know, I know...I'll keep at the infusion and see if it helps. But don't ask me to like it.

And this is the parcel for the Valentine swap. I sent if off to New Zealand to Caren today. I could have almost flown there myself for the price of postage! Ouch! I told the post office ladies next time I'm sending it on the bus!


Kathleen said...

"I took Buckley's once in 1967 and have not coughed since." Ha!! You're funny! ;)

I don't know what that is on the chair. It looks like a candle and a cup to me....

arlene said...

Hmmmm. I guess this is harder than I thought. Are you a Van Gogh fan?

Dawn aka Creative Eccentric One said...

Okay, I give in .. I'll add a little something for the winner. But of course you can pay for the postage .. uh, will it be sent by bus? ;)

arlene said...

I knew you'd come through! Thanks!
Yes, I'll mail it or deliver it or something. Make it light and fluffy. Like my baking. ;)

dunesza said...

Lol, Arlene, you are so funny:) LOve the look of 'the parcel' - I'm about to post about yours - well, ... not quite parcel!

C said...

One more guess... a stemmed goblet and a candle...
And if I win, you can send Josh and Levi by bus!!!
Stay warm! It's been raining her today! But I did skate on the Rideau Canal on sunday - YEAH.

Karyn/Mom said...

a roman garden, complete with columns?