Thursday, January 24, 2008

Prizes galore!

OK Rice (with the dots above her name that I don't know how to do) won the first prize because she took the first guess.
She was wrong, but she took a guess, and I have not met her, (though I feel like I have because I'm an internet stalker. haha).
I love her blog, and I have loved this book since it first came out, and I love her latest book too. And I just discovered she has TWO MORE books that I have not seen! (They are now on my wish list.)

What did she win? Uh. That's top secret. Because I have not created it yet.
But I will, very, very soon. After Saturday, when the other big Lego competition is over with, I will have tons of time to devote to my artsy endeavors.
Then "I'll" get that chair finished (Dawn doing the work as usual), and I'll get the prize sent off to Rice (how exciting to mail out to her. I am waiting impatiently for her zine to arrive...she mailed it out to me a few days ago), and I'll mail out the other prize to whom ever correctly guesses what "we" are painting on the side of the chair in the photo in the previous post.

If I have no correct guess by Tuesday, the 29th of January, I will put all the guessers names in a (pointy) hat and draw one and they will receive this prize, created by Dawn. Its a "Major Award"! So take a shot! You have nothing to loose and a beautiful piece of art to gain.

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