Thursday, January 17, 2008

Wish List

This isn't exactly a list of is what I hope to manifest in my life this year. I need to move forward, and I know that having my dreams and desires written down, where I can review them often, helps to keep them in my thoughts, and in my prayers. It will help these wishes come true.

I hope that the peace of my home life will continue. That the love and care and consideration for each other's well being will grow and strengthen us. I hope that we will all remember that the peace we take for granted is a gift. It is something to be very thankful for.

I hope that we can all be truly creative. Creativity is the ability to look at life as an opportunity to contribute. It is the opposite of consumerism. It is the opposite of expecting others to provide for what we need. Creativity isn't art. Art is a manifestation of the need for beauty, and the creative interpretation can lead to production of an object that meets this need.
I wish for creativity to touch every area of our lives; our need to be meaningful, our need for relationships, our need to provide for this family, our need to grow and stretch and learn new things.

I hope for wonderful, meaningful new experiences. I hope that my days are layered, not unlike textures, in noticing beauty in my everyday environment...the changing sky, the tree in my backyard, the squirrel and the birds outside my window, the un-nameable colour of my youngest sons' eyes.

I hope to listen to beautiful music; Nialle's and Levi's guitars, Joshua's piano compositions, favorite CD's, friends and family's voices singing. I wish to sing with them.

I hope for adventures in healthful tastes; fresh oranges, juicy BC peaches, crisp garden carrots, earthy roasted vegetables, deep, dark chocolate, rich red wine enjoyed at the end of the day with Daniel, as we discuss our plans and dreams.

I hope to use my nose. There will be essential oils like lavender in my diffuser, zingy citrus, baking cakes, new leaves and sap and black dirt as I plant in the spring.

I will notice the extravagant pleasure of clean sheets dried on the line, and soft pajamas and luscious silks, and cotton and brown paper that rustles is my hand as I sew it or glue it to an altered art project.

I hope I remember to be at war with monotony! I will do something new and difficult, or go for a walk, or have a deep conversation or hug someone who is lonely, often.

I wish to hear. I wish to open the ears of my heart to God, to my family, to the universe, and to my friends. I wish to be aware of what they say, even when there are no words.

Most of all, I hope and wish to live my life. I will be an active participant with my family as they live their lives. I will not be a spectator.

Life is sweet.


Karyn/Mom said...

wonderful goals for the year! They go right along with my goal of recording at least one blessing a week for a year. NOTICE the beauty and the blessings around you....don't just walk past them.

arlene said...

I was thinking about your goal when I was writing this.
It's so good to stop and smell the toasting marshmallows!

dunesza said...

'Aye' to every single word you've written here!

Nialle Travnik said...

Great post! "At war with monotony", reminds me of a quote from a guy I worked with. He always said he was paraphrasing Thoreau, but I can't find the reference. Still, 'tis a great quote:

"If you're bored and alone, who's fault is that?"

arlene said...

It's true there is never a good excuse to be bored. And we never have to be alone if we look for those we could serve.