Tuesday, February 26, 2008

At long last, I am back in Blogland

and how I've missed this place!

It's been so long since I posted. My computer crashed, and I was off line for two weeks with that. Then this past week I was away at the Canadian Nature in Mind Festival in Lethbridge. I'm home now, but having a really hard time trying to get my programs running. I can't get my computer to recognize my camera, (Hello! You two are Best Friends Forever! Remember?!) so I can't upload my photos. I have a few that Josh somehow managed to find for me, but it's just frustrating me to no end!

Caren sent me a wonderful Valentines package from New Zealand. I think she mailed hers two days after I mailed mine to her (back on January 22nd) for the Valentine artist exchange initiated by Lelainia Lloyd.
New Zealand Post had her gift in my hands in about FIVE DAYS!!!
My package to her has still not arrived! We paid roughly the same dollar amount for postage, but mine was not airmail. (I couldn't afford that...$151.00??!! I know!!!) It cost $47.00 to send it, which I thought was ridiculous, as it all fit in a large brown envelope. It must be on a very...slow... boat...somewhere in the pacific.

Caren really outdid herself. The idea was to send a partner things we loved ourselves, so they could get to know us. I have a sneaking suspicion that Caren had a spy who informed her what I like, so she could send me special things that I love. Either that or we are really long, lost sisters, separated at birth. She sent me exactly what I would have picked for myself on a summers day!

Blue. Beautiful blue! Original art (see the water colour in the photo? Caren did it!), books that I am going to read this week now that it's slowed down here, BLUE and silver ear rings, just a bit dangley, a stained glass sun catcher (blue!), Music by an amazing Kiwi artist, chocolate!, a mud mask from a real New Zealand spa area, antique cab cards (oh! I love these!), and a wrap with traditional native designs on it in beautiful....BLUE! There is so much I'm sure I can't begin to describe half of it. I am still giddy at the fun of it all.

I just feel a little raincloud when I think of Caren, Valentine-less, waiting for the post to come through. Do you think it will ever arrive? I have the tracking number, which tells me it left Canada on February 2nd. What? I mailed it on January 22nd. 17 days from Alberta to BC, before it left the country???! And the same trip, in reverse took 5 days?! Something is wrong here. I think we need to update the term "Going Postal". I think it now means lying around, ignoring responsibilities and laughing at the customer who foolishly thought they would actually do what you paid them to do. And probably eating lots of pizza. And taking naps using my package for a pillow! Sheesh! OK, my "little raincloud" turned into an official rant.

(deep breath...) I will choose to believe that there is a reason for this delay. That it will in fact arrive at the perfect time, when it will be most appreciated or needed by Caren.
Ya, that's it. I'll stop there.

Thank you Caren! Your gifts are the best!
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Karyn/Mom said...

Welcome back, my sister! I've missed you so! Hope your computer behaves, now. How'd the recovery go? Get anything back? I'm calling you today - hope you're home. :)

arlene said...

I'm home now! If not today, I'll give you a call tomorrow.

Caren, if you read this, I forgot to mention the bag you crocheted. How did I miss it?! I used it to take my book with me to Levi's guitar lesson today and had a "DUH!" moment when I picked it up! I LOVE it! (Dawn took a funny picture of me wearing it as a hat (Well, it was COLD when we opened our gifts!) that I made her swear not to publish.