Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The chair and Wide Eyed Portraits.

The Faux Gogh continues. Here is the latest installment of the progression of Starry Night by Dawn.

There is a little bit of a painting peeking out from behind the chair in the last photo. Can you see it? Here's what it looks like:

This is a portrait Dawn did of yours truly! Isn't it wonderful? (and an amazing likeness too! LOL) I'm juggling marbles! How great is that?
If you want a special birthday gift for someone who appreciates whimsey as much as I do, contact Dawn about her "Wide Eyed Portraits". They are guaranteed to bring a smile. She fills the frame with symbolic, personal little touches that make it a real treasure.
Mine has birds, a bee hive, books, words and song lyrics, the marbles (which I collect) and a globe (another love of mine). It is the first thing I see when I open my eyes in the morning. I may hang it in my kitchen, or create an art wall in my living room. Not sure yet, but I'm enjoying it every day. Contact Dawn for one of your very own! While you're at it, ask her about doing a piece of furniture...she does a great Chagall as well as Van Gogh!


Dawn said...

I hereby hire you as my agent!

Kathleen said...


Rain-girl said...

Wow...what a beautiful chair! I think I want one. :-)

Btw, it was great to meet you the other week!


Karyn/Mom said...

I saw the portrait on Dawn's site - i knew without being told that it was you! It does make me smile, I must say.

arlene said...

Yes Karyn, the resemblance is amazing is it not? LOL

And Raine, I think everyone needs a chair like this to make them happy everytime they look at it. I'm taking bookings for Dawn's artistic services. Have your people call my people. ; )