Tuesday, February 26, 2008

snippets from real life

See, I really have had lots going on the last few weeks, even if I couldn't blog about it. Josh somehow managed to get my last batch of photos from the camera to my computer.
Now the two are not speaking (what goes on in these machines??) and my camera card is full of wonderful photos and video of the Nature in Mind Festival that I have no way of getting onto my computer.
The mac frankly refuses to acknowledge the Canon, and the PC is in a snit about something, insisting they have never met and can not possibly connect in the intimate manner that uploading requires.
What's a computer illiterate to do? I've tried crying. No success at all. I've downloaded drivers to the best of my limited ability and pleaded and maybe said a baddish word or two. *sigh* Where is my computer guy when we need him??

Here is one of of the rescued videos. It feels like contraband. Enjoy. It may be awhile before I can post more.


Man that smells good!
Liam LOVES the essential oil diffuser. We all do, but this boy REALLY knows how to get the most out of it. Orange and Lavender are his especial favorites.


Dawn said...

I love your new banner ~ too cute!

Karyn/Mom said...

I, too, love your banner...it's adorable.

You could send the video in to the oil diffuser company to use as a comercial....LOL

I'm sorry your computer and your camera are not speaking, but I am so glad your computer decided it liked you, at least, again.

Vanessa said...

My son is a huffer...looks like we'll need to have and intervention and send him to oil diffuser rehab.

Diane said...

Just looking at him, I began to get post-nasal-drip!

arlene said...

It really clears the sinuses. It's so funny how excited he is by the diffuser...he cracks me up!