Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I've been tagged by the generous and talented Caren of Dunesza: my life, my art, me
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7 facts about me:

1) I don't care much for hard and fast rules. I never follow a recipe, unless I'm baking a cake, and even then, I take creative license. I love to taste a new food, figure out what I think is in it, and come home and make it. I can never remember exactly how it tasted anyway, so if it's not perfect it doesn't matter. What matters is that I get taste and texture that I like, as I imagined it in my head and translated it to my plate.
A few things I've come up with this way are a veggie coconut curry with chick peas, carrots, cumin and sweet potatoes, and a hint of smoked paprika that I am pretty sure is my own original touch.
Another is something I call Borsch Salad. It's a layered salad of roasted beets and potatoes, baby peas and carrots in a dill dressing, sauerkraut and chopped dill pickles. It sounds really weird, but it is something I have come to LOVE!!

2) I adore the smell of coffee, but don't like to drink it.

3) I always wait till my tea is at room temperature before I drink it. I can't stand it hot.

4) When I read a book, I always write in it, highlight it, and cover the pages in sticky notes...even fiction. There are so many epiphanies waiting to be discovered!
My family doesn't appreciate it too much (nor does the library...I don't get that. I LOVE to read others comments in a book!) Needless to say, I usually have to buy books, rather than borrow them.

5) When I was in my twenties and thirties I found it very energizing to be with people all the time. Now I find I need my space. I have to retreat to solitude in my own nest in order to be able to enjoy interacting with others. I find I want to do that more and more on MY terms, not at other's whims. I am finding it easier to say no.

6) I never really remember "special" dates. I have a hard time remembering birthdays, (I usually know the month). Daniel and I didn't really know the date of our anniversary till about our 14th year of marriage. It slipped our minds, and never really seemed too, too important. The years passed, and we did keep track of those, and knew it was some time in the first week of April. Close enough! I swear I'd have forgotten my own birthday if it was not on such an obviously easy day!

7) One of my dreams is to spend a year in the arctic...to experience winter there. I imagine myself wrapped up in blankets by the fireside reading the long nights away for months on end. I also want to celebrate the summer solstice (my birthday) in the endless daylight.

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(I know it's only six. Didn't I tell ya'?)

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Karyn/Mom said...

The only people I know who actually blog anymore are you, Josh, Dawn, Vanessa, and Diane. It is one of the big disappointments of my life. (heavy sigh)
One of these days, soon, I'll do this but right now I must run.